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Black Parent Initiative’s Celebration of Black History

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland
Black Parent Initiative

At SVP Portland we prioritize investing in communities of color as part of our work to dismantle structural barriers and systemic racism, including partnering with culturally-specific organizations serving Black and African American children and families. February is Black History Month and we want to spotlight and amplify the voice of a Community Partner that not only does transformative work in our Black community, but is also recognizing this important month through a series on social media. Each day you can read a highlight about a historic figure in Black history.

The Black Parent Initiative (BPI) has been one of our Community Partners since 2016. BPI was established in 2006 to help families achieve financial, educational, and spiritual success in the Portland community. Their unique approach is to improve the lives of Portland’s Black and multi-ethnic children by focusing on health, cultural identity development, parent education, and ensuring parents and caregivers have the resources to ensure children succeed. To support this mission, BPI provides a range of culturally-specific services including parent coaching, parent training, and education to transform the lives of families and children.

Get caught up and follow BPI’s Celebrating Black History series on your favorite social media platform:

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