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Partner Highlight: Chris Hart

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland
Chris Hart

In this continuing series, we are highlighting Partners and the skills they bring to the SVP Portland Partnership.

Christine (Chris) Hart, who joined our Partnership in September, graduated from the US Naval Academy and spent six years in the US Navy. She then worked at Intel for 26 years in a variety of technical support and sales operations roles, finishing her career there as Senior Director of Sales & Marketing IT.

After retirement, she worked as an Encore Fellow for Catholic Charities of Oregon, assisting the organization with strategic planning and supporting their Healthy Housing Initiative. Chris is married to Duncan and they have two daughters: Ashley, an environmental engineer at Intel, and Brooke, an RN at Providence Elderplace.

Q: What motivated you to get involved in the nonprofit sector?

A: I always knew when I left the corporate world that I wanted to get involved in work that was fulfilling and enabled me to get closer to working with others to make a difference.  The Encore Fellows program gave me an opportunity to explore nonprofits in the area and connect with one more deeply.  It was an invaluable experience to be embedded in an organization and learn about the operations, people, and clients.

Q: Why did you join SVP as a Partner?

A: Based on my Encore Fellow experience, I learned that my corporate skillset can be beneficial to working with nonprofits. I was drawn to the SVP model that enables working with a variety of Community Partners.  I also like the concept of venture philanthropy, connecting monetary investments with the even more valuable investment of professional experience.  Helping a nonprofit grow its capacity is very fulfilling and I’m excited about the opportunities that being an SVP Partner offers.

Q: How has your experience been thus far?

A: First, I’ve been really impressed with the SVP staff and the support they’ve provided.  They enabled me to engage immediately and begin to deliver value. Getting started in a fully virtual environment means forming relationships is a little more challenging, but the staff has assisted in enabling a quick onboarding.  Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to engage with a number of Partners either one-on-one or in group meetings. I have been impressed with the passion and energy they all bring to their involvement with SVP.  It reinforces my decision to join and I’m truly excited about the opportunities ahead.

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