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Restructuring of the Encore Fellows Program

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

As part of our three-year strategic vision, with a focus on the long-term wellbeing of SVP Portland, the Community Impact Strategy Committee approved a staff recommendation in April 2019 to focus the Encore Fellows Program for maximum impact. The restructured program management efforts have a strategic concentration on corporate-sponsored Encore Fellows. While we will continue to steward our active self-funded work hosts, making matches as they arise, we are no longer looking to grow that facet of the program.

Early May saw the departure of both Ali Davis, Encore Fellows Program Manager, and Mike Rutledge, part-time Encore Fellows Engagement Lead. To address the program management needs, we are contracting out instead of having it as a staff role, which provides dynamic resource allocation and therefore reduces fixed costs.

With change, there is opportunity and we are excited to announce the involvement of two familiar faces. Steve Maser, manager of the Encore Fellows Program from 2014–2017, has returned as an Encore Fellows Program Coordinator. Also returning for the EF Program Coordinator role is Liz Fouther-Branch, who worked with Steve on the program during the massive Intel Fellows surge in 2016. In these roles, Steve and Liz will match new candidates for Fellowships, counsel work hosts, and support current Fellows. With their deep knowledge of the nonprofit sector and exceptional abilities facilitating relationships, Steve and Liz are well positioned to ensure continued success of the program, and we are thrilled to have them onboard!

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