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We know how to transform communities.

It starts with one person. One person joins many people. Together they help build the capacity to solve our most entrenched problems.

That’s Social Venture Partners. A global network of local partners aligning passion and purpose.

SVP Portland brings professionals and organizations together in partnership to address community challenges. As venture philanthropists, we mobilize talent, money, and influence for investment in nonprofits and collaborations. Our current goal is to ensure that all children—regardless of ethnicity, wealth, religion, gender, or zip code—have access to high-quality, culturally-relevant early learning experiences.

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    Recently, the Portfolio Management Team (PMT) considered how we can work to maximize opportunities to leverage our social capital in a way that is equitable in opportunity and can benefit all of our Community Partners. While we often focus our attention on contributions of Partner money and time, the Partnership has valuable yet underutilized social capital and influence that can have an equally profound impact when leveraged in support of our Community Partners. Read More »

    We’re excited to report that the Child Care Shared Services Alliance (CCSSA) is preparing to recruit its first cohort of child care providers this summer, with Neighborhood House as its newly-selected backbone organization. Following completion of the incubation phase,  SVP will remain involved, serving as an advisor to the project in the pilot phase, alongside the Co-Design team and contracted facilitators. Read More »

    ”The most eye-popping effects the researchers find are on high school graduation and college enrollment rates. The kids who got accepted into preschool ended up having a high-school graduation rate of 70% — six percentage points higher than the kids who were denied preschool, who saw a graduation rate of only 64%. And 54% of the preschoolers ended up going to college after they graduated — eight percentage points higher than their counterparts who didn't go to preschool.“ Read More »

    Over the two-year time project, both Jumpstart participants built critical fundraising capacity which translated to significant revenue growth for their organizations. By the end of the program, their final year-two gains each represented more than a 50% increase from their revenue totals in the year prior to beginning Jumpstart. Read More »

    The year 2010 was a significant turning point for SVP Portland. While the organization had been ‘doing good’ since its founding, then Executive Director Mark Holloway shared “I had a feeling in my gut we could be doing so much more.” Partner Larry Fox then described SVP’s community impact as “failing broadly, one success at a time.” It was time for a change. Read More »

    To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we bring you a series on the history of SVP Portland. This is part one, which starts at the very beginning. The SVP model found especially fertile ground with tech entrepreneurs. It’s no surprise then that Eli Lamb, who had recently retired from Intel Oregon, found his way to an SVP Seattle meeting and learned about their unique model for giving not just financially, but also with time and expertise. Read More »

    Featured Events

    Partner Connect Time

    June 23 @ 12:00 pm

    Do you miss your fellow SVP Partners? Do you wish you had unscripted time to connect and hear about how your friends are doing? Well this is the event for you! Please join us for one hour of coffee chats (Zoom breakout sessions) with your fellow Investor Partners and Encore Fellows. Matt Little, our Director of Investor Partnerships, will facilitate and suggest various fun topics of discussion, but you will be free to chat and laugh about whatever the heck you want. See you there! Read More »

    Coaching Community of Practice

    July 15 @ 12:00 pm

    Partners and Encore Fellows are invited to us for an interactive and skill-enhancing Coaching Practice Community. Facilitated by our Partner coaches, this is an opportunity to revisit and try on coaching skills in a safe space and learn from each other. This live practice builds confidence as you bring these tools to your SVP relationships and beyond. All skill levels are welcome. Come prepared to coach and be coached with your fellow Partners! Read More »

    20th Anniversary (In-Person!) Summer Social with Stoller Winery

    July 21 @ 5:00 pm

    This outdoor event is limited to current SVP Partners, Encore Fellows, and Partner guests. Please join us to celebrate 20 amazing years of engaged philanthropy at SVP Portland. Stoller Winery will be hosting this fun event and leading us through a discussion of their wine varieties. We will celebrate and reminisce about two decades of community impact, and announce the recipient of the Sarah Cohen-Doherty Award, celebrating an individual who exemplifies the qualities that made Sarah so special. Read More »