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For a community to thrive, its residents need good jobs and homes, easy ways to get around, ready access to healthy food and exercise, and the opportunity and tools to realize their goals.

All these things are familiar to a lot of people in Greater Cincinnati. But many are still missing out. A young man with low income who can’t afford to own a car that would allow him to get a well-paying job. A mother who can’t find fresh fruits and vegetables in her neighborhood. A budding entrepreneur who doesn’t know how to make the idea she conceived around the kitchen table a reality. Nonprofit organizations working to help people like these achieve their goals don’t always have all the resources they need to accomplish their missions.

Social Venture Partners Cincinnati believes that everyone should be able to reach their full potential. That’s why we support nonprofits that are working to build our community. But we don’t just write a check. Our partners put their years of professional expertise to work, providing hands-on, in-depth coaching and assistance in development, marketing, accounting and much more. By sharing our time and talent, we believe we can help Greater Cincinnati flourish.

So come join us and go beyond giving with Social Venture Partners Cincinnati. Working together, we can build a fairer, more vibrant community.

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