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Bevon Joseph, ED of Greenwood Project: How SVP Played a Part in My Organization's Success

As a small nonprofit that went from a one person shop in 2020 to six people this year, there were a lot of growing pains. One was board development. I had to get the board together and restructure it from when we first started and I leaned on SVP for that and they were eager to help out — a lot of professionals with a lot of experience. SVP also played a huge part  in our capacity building and success.  Read More »

Michelle Chellee Rashad, Executive Director of Imagine Englewood If

Michelle Chelle Rashad is the executive director of Imagine Englewood If which was selected as one of our community partners in 2021. We sat down with her to learn more about her collaboration with SVP Chicago. Read More »

Jason Coleman: SVP Partner and Community Collaborator

Jason Coleman, Executive Director and Co-founder of one of our first community partners, Project SYNCERE, recently decided to further build his relationship with SVP Chicago by becoming one of our partners! We met with Jason to learn more about his work with SVP as a community partner, and how becoming an SVP partner will help continue to develop his organization. Read More »

SVP and Paige Ponder: 10 Years of Partnership

As part of our ten year anniversary celebration, we sat down with Paige Ponder, former executive director of One Million Degrees for a Q&A to reflect on our organizations' work together. Our first community partner, OMD was an instrumental collaborator to kickstarting SVP Chicago. Read More »

10 Year Anniversary Q&A with SVP Chicago Founder Tasha Seitz

We sat down with SVP partner Tasha Seitz, who was instrumental in starting the SVP Chicago affiliate 10 years ago, to ask her about the development of the organization over the last decade.  Read More »

SVP Partners Joined Panel of Community Leaders to Learn About Assets, Challenges of West Side

In October, our partners joined a virtual panel discussion with Breakthrough Executive Director Yolanda Fields, CPD Sergeant Jermaine Harris, and Homan Square Executive Director Kevin Sutton. In this panel moderated by SVP partner John Mjoseth, the community leaders shared their advice, experiences, and recommendations for how SVP could be of the most help to West Side nonprofits and communities.  Read More »

Featured SVP Chicago Partner

For Tasha Seitz, Social Venture Partners (SVP) Chicago is the perfect intersection of her venture investment experience and her philanthropic work. Tasha is a partner at JK&B Capital where since the mid-1990’s, she has been investing in early stage, technology companies, helping them grow and thrive. Read More »