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SVP’s programming includes a range of capacity building support for Boulder County’s nonprofit sector. From coaching and leadership support to deep-dive consulting, our offerings strengthen nonprofits from the inside out so they can better deliver on their missions.

Nonprofit advocacy, evaluation of efforts, knowledge exchange and targeted cash grants in support of capacity work round out SVP’s engagement in the sector. Interested in participating in our 2021 programming? Contact us.  (Like the work we do? We accept donations in support of our programming from anyone who’d like to give in this way…and, thank you!)


Multi-year deep-dive consulting: Our longest-running offering to help strengthen nonprofits from the inside out through strategic investments of time, experience, and effort (plus, funds to support staff time for the process). See how we helped one nonprofit through brand consulting.

Ongoing nonprofit leadership cohort*Peer learning and networking to strengthen the sector and relationships among those in the trenches. See how Invested Leaders influenced one local nonprofit leader.

Short term consulting, coaching, mentoring and organizational assessments: Our newest offering to help strengthen nonprofits for a limited time and within a specific capacity through investments of time, experience, and effort.


In addition to the core work we do with Boulder County nonprofits, SVP also turns a lens on our members, enhancing the understanding and sophistication of how these allies engage with and in the nonprofit sector.

  • Partner Bootcamp– Quarterly peer-to-peer learning sessions around specific nonprofit topics designed for members to share, ideate and problem solve
  • Skills trainings – Trainings on skills for professional and personal development such as coaching concepts and facilitation.
  • Individualized partner development – Staff offers Partners customized development plans to inform their cross-sector and personal philanthropic aptitude
  • Connections – Intentionally designed social and professional opportunities enhance the tensile strength of member relationships and abilities, online and off

Learn more about the benefits of SVP membership here.