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SVP International

The power behind SVP is our people; members are our brain trust and the work force that delivers on our programming. An invaluable part of the SVP ecosystem, we call SVP members “Partners” because without them, we couldn’t get the work done. Individuals, businesses, families, foundations and others can join SVP as Partners – just get in touch to learn more.

Membership in SVP is a unique experience.  Our Partners are volunteers, donors and consultants and to ensure every Partner has a positive experience we ask anyone interested in becoming a Partner to:

  • Attend an SVP event;
  • Meet with a SVP staff person; and
  • Meet with a Partner.

SVP Partners

In service of stronger nonprofits, SVP Partners impart their experience as trainers, deliver coaching to nonprofit leaders, facilitate peer learning for executive directors, translate business acumen in consulting projects, sit on committees, and so much more. They are influencers, experts, donors and community builders. They are concerned, informed and engaged. They are individuals and businesses invested in the community where they live and work. (Find Partner Profiles on our blog, and read testimonials from SVP business Partners, here).

We have asked our membership what attributes make a good Partner.  If you recognize yourself in the attributes below, you could be a great SVP Partner.

Heart    Good listener    Supportive         Value nonprofits             Passionate          Innovator            Smart            Curious                Respectful          Collaborative    Fun        Enthusiastic       Thoughtful         Creative

Partner Development

Partners not only provide their experience to nonprofits, but also develop their leadership skills, community engagement, and philanthropic knowledge, through targeted opportunities like:

  • Individualized Partner development – Staff offers Partners customized development plans to inform their cross-sector and personal philanthropic aptitude
  • Partner Bootcamp – Quarterly peer-to-peer learning sessions around specific nonprofit topics designed for members to share, ideate and problem solve
  • Networking events – Intentionally designed social and professional opportunities enhance the tensile strength of member relationships and abilities, online and off

With a range of membership levels and ways to give, interested community members are encouraged to get in touch. Businesses and foundations are encouraged to sponsor the membership of their employees for community engagement and professional development.  To learn more, please contact SVP’s Membership Director, Shannon Sackmann, at 303-840-0165, or shannon@svpbouldercounty.org.