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Partner Profile: Jeanette Marquess

Posted by olga

Jeanette Marquess became an active volunteer in Palo Alto, California when her children were young.  “You want to know what they are doing and who is spending time with them,” says Jeanette.  She volunteered at their schools and with their sports organizations.  She then found herself serving on the Board of Directors of the Palo Alto Family YMCA for two terms and the City Parks and Recreations Committee.  “I became well known for connecting people in the sports and outdoor recreation spaces,” recalls Jeanette.

Jeanette Marquess (Fall2015)When Jeanette and her husband moved to Boulder nine years ago she had a hard time finding ways to engage with the nonprofit community.  She feels fortunate to have found a connection with the YWCA of Boulder County, where she served two terms on their Board of Directors.  At the end of her time on YWCA Board she was looking for a way to connect to the larger nonprofit community.  “Several friends recommended that I check out SVP,” remembers Jeanette.

Since joining SVP three years ago, Jeanette has been involved in a variety of committees and projects.  She served as a Co-Lead Partner for InReach and most recently joined the SVP Board of Directors.  Her favorite part of being an SVP Partner is “the work, it’s a unique opportunity to dig into a nonprofit, learn what they do and help make them more sustainable and have bigger impact in community.”  When you talk with Jeanette it is obvious that she believes in volunteering and the work of SVP.  “Any time you volunteer to help someone else it’s not just about what you’re giving, but also what you’re getting back.  It’s a reciprocal relationship, I learn a ton and get to use my skills,” reflects Jeanette.

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