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Network Resources

Being part of a network means that we can make a greater impact collectively than we can alone. With shared knowledge, tools, programs, and services, each affiliate can focus on their purpose and passion locally and can leverage existing processes associated with organizational start-up,  day-to-day nonprofit management, and program development. SVPI offers programs and services that each affiliate- no matter its size, age, or budget- can tap to build and maintain a strong and sustainable organization.  See the full list of network resources.

Effective Partners

Empowering partners to achieve their potential as engaged philanthropists. Codifying the components and methodologies used to increase partners’ competencies as strategic volunteers and philanthropists, so that the affiliate’s community goals are being met. Learn more about the Partner Development Initiative. 


Learning from each other and from each other’s success. See the full list of programs and services for connected affiliates and partners.


See the full list of communications and brand related resources here.


Coaching new affiliates in their first year start-up phase and inducting them into affiliate services and programs. Includes guidance for creating a business plan and launching a new affiliate. Learn more about starting a Social Venture Partners Affiliate.