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SVP International

Connect Change-Makers

“I met with great people, wonderful people – people with good hearts and willing to contribute to the world.”

We hear this again and again from SVP conference participants who gather each year to be inspired, challenged and engaged with those who share their passion for positive change. And it is the core reason why SVP is a thriving and growing network.

We face huge problems in our world — poverty, climate change, inequitable access to resources and opportunities — and we will only solve them if we work together.

Local SVP affiliates create vibrant communities, connecting people with varied skills and life experiences to make a bigger difference. SVP International (SVPI) takes this a step further, connecting partners and staff from all around the world to share ideas and learn from each other.

SVPI provides regular virtual forums and in-person conferences and retreats. The cross-pollination at these gatherings is rich and we quickly see ideas spreading evolving around network. One example of this is Fast Pitch, a coaching program that helps social sector leaders hone their pitches and compete for funds.

Fast Pitch started in Los Angeles and after the event was featured at the 2010 SVP Global Conference, the program spread like wildfire. Today, there are Fast Pitch programs in more than a dozen cities that have mobilized millions of investment dollars and thousands of coaching hours for hundreds of social change organizations.