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The Elops

Since meeting at the University of Waterloo in 1986 (likely during a Management Accounting class taught by fellow SVP partner Howard Armitage), Tracy and Kevin Elop have had tremendous opportunities to explore the world (they went on a 6 month backpacking honeymoon to Africa, India and Southeast Asia, and they quit their jobs in 2008 to take their three children on a 14 month backpacking trip around the world!), yet they remain grounded as philanthropists and leaders in Waterloo Region.

Beyond the great impact that Tracy and Kevin make as partners with SVP, they give back through their professional careers. Tracy recently left her role as COO with KidsAbility to become the CEO of Carizon, while Kevin provides finance mentoring to startup companies at the Accelerator Centre and does the family shopping and cooking (unfortunately he falls down somewhat on the cleaning).

In their spare time, Tracy and Kevin have run a marathon and a half marathon together, always finishing with the same time. Tracy and Kevin also keep busy with their three children, Michael, Laura, and Sarah, who are also involved with SVP through the SVP Teens program.

When did you join SVP?

In the first year (2010.)

Why did you get involved with SVP?

We wanted to be more impactful, more personal, and more community focused in our giving.  We wanted to be more actively involved in our community when possible, and also expose our children to what we see as a higher form of philanthropy.

What is your favourite aspect about being a Partner?

  • Seeing kids smile in the organizations that we have helped
  • Having a much deeper understanding of some of the challenges within our communities through the Get Smart sessions
  • Being engaged with and inspired by like-minded individuals in our community

Why should other people join SVP?

It’s fun, educational, and, together we can make a difference that is more impactful than any one of us can make alone.

Why should families become involved with SVP?

  • SVP Teens is da bomb.
  • Real life learning experiences are shared with your children – SVP has naturally opened the door to having meaningful conversations with our children about community and our greater responsibility for helping others.

If you’re interested in becoming an SVP partner, please contact Rose Greensides.