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SVP Teens’ December Update

Posted by abwr

As 2019 draws to an end, SVP Teens is taking the time to reflect on their achievements. We are a youth-led group that informs local teens about the urgent issues facing Waterloo Region, unites and empowers them to create meaningful change in their communities, and inspires a life-long desire to make a difference in the lives of others. 

bottle drive graphic

To begin the year, SVP Teens held its most successful bottle drive yet. While the process is simple, it’s an accessible way to raise awareness about recycling while fostering teamwork amongst SVP Teens. It additionally gets the community involved in local issues. In running the SVP Teens bottle drive, we added a competition aspect so that eight teams competed to raise the most money. After only three and a half weeks, the teams raised over one thousand dollars. There were also some incredible examples of individual initiative. One member raised two hundred dollars without any help! Some fundraising strategies we found useful included: setting team collection dates, organizing regular physical meetups, and establishing communication on Slack. We truly appreciate all the hard work and dedication that everyone contributed to making this bottle drive a success. 

With one successful event completed, we’re excited to share our next project: Perfect Pitch. As the title suggests, the event has seven Waterloo Region-based charities give a 3-minute pitch on stage at CIGI. SVP Teens were involved in multiple ways. First, a panel with three teen judges decides which charity’s pitch will receive our $500 Teens’ Choice award. The recipient this year was the very deserving Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region. Additionally, we organized a silent auction involving donations from local companies. Finally, members who attended learned more about local volunteer opportunities at incredible charities. 

In conclusion, SVP Teens are pursuing and achieving their goals with passion and dedication, allowing SVP to reach new heights and assist the community in many new ways. 


Post by Maddie Cranston and Nathan Wong, SVP Teens’ Co-Vice Chairs.

Bottle drive graphic by SVP Teens.