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November 2015 Feature Investee: Kinbridge Community Association

Posted by Rose Greensides
When SVP Partners donate time, talent and treasure to local organizations, the results are endless! 
The Board skills matrix and Board development plans are now in place.  As a result, strategic priorities are moving forward with great success.
The Association recently acquired much needed space (4000 square feet). Facilities will now be accessible allowing a greater number of residents to participate in program initiatives.
Renovations on this space will commence in 2016 and be completed in time to host summer day camps.

As a result of this initiative, Kinbridge will be focusing on fundraising strategies and building positive relationships throughout the Cambridge community.

A Kinbridge Success Story.  Please meet Clara

When I was seven, I didn’t really fit in well. I was the odd kid out, and despite my mother trying to get me involved in many different activities, none of them helped. The summer of 2009 came around and my mom had to work so she put me in a summer camp advertised at our local community centre. This was my first encounter with Kinbridge Community Association. I had signed up for all 8 weeks of summer camp, due to my mother’s work schedule, and I would continue to do so for the following two summers. For me, summer camp at Kinbridge was a blast. I made friends, experienced things I never had before, and went places that I had never seen.

But it doesn’t stop there, as I got a little older and outgrew the summer camp age; I took advantage of other programs Kinbridge had to offer like Youth Drop-in and LEAD. To this day, my experience at LEAD camp is still my favorite from growing up. Kinbridge made the experience feel so welcoming. Though I was the youngest, everyone accepted me with open arms as we embarked on our week camping trip in Brantford. Swimming, canoeing, playing many team building games and preparing meals became such a great learning experience, but this was just the beginning.

In the summer of 2011, I became a volunteer as a Leader In Training at summer camp for Kinbridge. With guidance from the summer camp leaders I quickly learnt a few basic skills such as patience, time management and problem solving which would greatly benefit me in my future. Being a volunteer for Kinbridge allowed me to finally find my place in the world. I finally got the responsibility I was looking for growing up and I felt great about what I was doing. I loved volunteering for Kinbridge, so much, I came back the following two summers to volunteer again. In 2012 I was honoured to win the Youth Volunteer of the Year award and had been told at this point that I had volunteered over 500 hours with Kinbridge Community Association. I was ecstatic; I couldn’t believe at age 13 how much of an accomplishment this was.

This brings me to my current position with Kinbridge Community Association. In March, on my 16th birthday, I got the position of After School Leader and Summer Camp Leader. And today, I am an After School Leader for the school year. My time with Kinbridge has been such a key factor in who I am today. Offering various opportunities for growth, Kinbridge not only impacted me on a personal level but also taught me the basic skills to be successful at my young age and in life. I knew from the first time I encountered Kinbridge I wanted to work for them someday, and by following my dreams, they came true 9 years later, and I couldn’t thank Kinbridge Community Association more for making that possible. 


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