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Selma van Halder, Program Coordinator

Selma joined SVP as Program Coordinator in April 2022. In this role she is supporting our capacity building programming. Read More »

Helen Stortini, Executive Director

Helen Stortini is a mission-driven nonprofit executive with more than 15 years of experience working within the charitable sector. Read More »

Meagan Sutton, Director of Community Capacity and Impact

Meagan joined SVP Vancouver as Social Impact Coach in August 2018 and became SVP's Director of Community Capacity [...] Read More »

Karen Gelb, Social Impact Coach

Karen joined SVP as Social Impact Coach in November 2020. Read More »

Anabelle Escaffré, Operations Coordinator

Anabelle joined SVP Vancouver as Operations Coordinator in May 2021 and oversees day-to-day operations. Read More »


Nicole Geyer, Board Chair; Chair, Opportunities Committee; Co-chair, Lead Partner Committee

Nicole has been an SVP Partner since 2008 and joined the Board of Directors in June 2018. She is a seasoned Lead Partner and Chair of the Opportunities Committee. Read More »

Caroline Jellinck, Vice-Chair

Caroline joined SVP as a Partner in 2014. She is passionate about ensuring that children and youth have opportunities for success and the support needed to ensure they live healthy, productive lives. Read More »

David Ferguson, Treasurer

An SVP Partner since 2003, David joined the SVP Board in 2019. David is a passionate believer in the time plus money model and the two-way learning that occurs when we engage with inspiring non-profits. Read More »

Dan Bowditch, Director

Dan joined SVP in 2009 and is a retired software services executive and electrical engineer who spent the first 28 years of his 40-year career with BC Hydro in senior operational and technical management roles. Read More »

Marnie Goldenberg, Director

Marnie works for Family Services of Greater Vancouver as the Director of Youth Services. Her portfolio is focused on Vancouver’s most vulnerable youth. Read More »

David Rice, Director; Chair, Governance Committee

David became an SVP Partner in 2008 and has dedicated many hours to SVP and its Investees, providing employment law advice, preparing contracts, and facilitating brainstorming and other sessions. Read More »

Greg Sullivan, Director

Greg joined the SVP Board of Directors in June 2018. He's been a Partner since 2016 and is currently Co-Lead Partner for Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver. Read More »

Lauren Minogue, Director; Chair, Development Committee

Lauren is a Vice President at Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital and an SVP Partner since 2018. Lauren has been involved with SVP in various capacities including co-lead partner on BabyGoRound and Chair of the Development Committee. Read More »

Steve Munford, Director

Steve Munford joined the Board of Directors in 2020. A Partner since 2013, Steve previously served as Chair of the Development Committee. Read More »