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With more than 4,000 members from Boston to Bangalore, SVP is the world’s largest network of engaged donors.

SVP Vancouver enjoys the support and involvement of 95 Partners households – 170 individuals and couples.  They range from tech-savvy entrepreneurs to financial managers, from community leaders to corporate veterans, and from foundation executives to people just beginning to explore their giving potential.

Every story is different, but each is fuelled by a series of connections. That’s the beauty of the SVP network. You never know who will take your impact to the next level.

Get to know some of our Partners through these close-up profiles…

Greg Sullivan, Director

Greg joined the SVP Board of Directors in June 2018. He's been a Partner since 2016 and is currently Co-Lead Partner for Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver. Read More »

Getting to know Tracey Friesen (Partner since 2016)

Meet one of our newest Partners, Tracey Friesen! She’s been an active contributor to Vancouver’s media sector for more than 25 years and recently published the book Story Money Impact: Funding Media for Social Change. Read More »

Getting to know Bob + Elizabeth-Anne Armstrong (Partners since 2015)

Meet Bob and Elizabeth-Anne Armstrong. They joined SVP Vancouver in 2015, and are a great example of a family that plays and volunteers together, stays together. Bob and Elizabeth-Anne are that rare couple made up of of two people who were actually born and raised in Vancouver. Keep reading to find out which Armstrong would be best to find yourself marooned on a desert island with... Read More »

Partner Q + A: getting to know Janet Wood and David Rice

Janet Wood and David Rice are an excellent example of flexible and committed engagement. Janet is Global Head of Talent and Leadership at SAP, and David is a retired employment lawyer who’s especially keen to help our Investees with employment challenges and other capacity-building opportunities. They joined SVP eight years ago, and since then have both served on the board at different times, worked directly with Investees, maintained busy careers, and even lived abroad for two and a half years. Read More »

Geoff and Paola Telfer (Partners since 2013)

Geoff and Paola are currently Lead Partners for Zero Ceiling and members of the SVP Opportunities Committee. Read More »

Dan Bowditch (Partner since 2009)

Dan has played an invaluable role supporting many SVP Investees, presently as Lead Partner for Athletics for Kids. Read More »

Kathy Butler (Partner since 2003)

Kathy Butler, Head of Wholesale Banking British Columbia at CIBC, is a long-standing SVP Partner and business leader. Read More »

Marie-Claire Howard (Partner since 2011)

Marie-Claire and her husband Geoff are active partners in SVP Vancouver. Read More »

Norm Francis (Distinguished Partner, 2001)

Norm is SVP's first Distinguished Partner and we thank him for his extraordinary contributions to the founding, growth and continuing legacy that is SVP Vancouver. Read More »

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