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Through the Looking Glass: SVP’s Impact Strategy Committee takes a look at our own practices

Posted by SVP Vancouver
SVP Impact Strategy Committee turns the lens on SVP, examining opportunities to increase our impact.

**See further updates below.

In late 2018, SVP commissioned InWithForward to study innovation within SVP and to suggest how SVP’s operational model might evolve to increase our impact on children and youth. This study of innovation within SVP identified two streams of ideas.

One stream relates to the mechanics of finding, vetting, investing in, and working with Investees and is being considered by the Opportunities Committee.

An ad hoc Impact Strategy Committee has been formed to consider the second stream of issues, which centre around the following:

  1. Should SVP have a tighter issue/area of focus for our investments?
  2. Should SVP develop more domain knowledge related to our Investees and/or the environment in which we operate?
  3. Are there other time + money funding models that might increase SVP’s effectiveness?
  4. How can we establish best practices in knowledge management, particularly with regard to retaining SVP knowledge and learnings, to develop a stronger “institutional memory”?

The Committee consists of Robin Louis (chair), Ron Klopfer, Norm Francis, Marnie Goldenberg, and Meagan Sutton.

Initial work is being undertaken by SVP Partner and Social Impact Coach Meagan Sutton. She will investigate these four areas and meet with members of the community who are working in the space to develop a better understanding of the landscape and determine if outside support from a research consultant would be useful. As Meagan’s work progresses, there will be updates and opportunities for comment.

This work will explore potential modifications to SVP’s vision and activities with the overall aim of identifying ideas that could increase the impact that SVP has on helping at-risk children and youth reach their full potential. Once the committee has completed its work, possible changes will be discussed more broadly amongst the partnership before any actions are taken.


**UPDATE: The Stream II Committee completed its work and offered recommendations in June 2020. SVP staff have been developing further materials based on these recommendations, which will be presented to the Partnership in Fall 2020.