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The truth about Nicole Geyer

Posted by SVP Vancouver
Nicole’s been an SVP Partner for nine years and is currently a co-Lead Partner for Red Fox Healthy Living Society.

Nicole says she was drawn to work with Red Fox because “of their innovative approach to providing leadership and mentoring opportunities for aboriginal youth.”

Some of the cool things Red Fox has accomplished during their time with SVP are:

  • hiring a communications manager that has helped take Red Fox to the next level of community engagement
  • developed their first ever fundraising plan to diversify funding with the guidance of SVP Fundraising Trainer, Amanda Burrows
  • stabilized funding to expand the program in more communities

Nicole is passionate about helping youth reach their full potential by working with innovative organizations to solve social issues.

Let’s see if you were right about Nicole:

  • I’ve done cliff jumping in Hawaii (totally not true – yet!)
  • I went scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef with sharks
  • I’ve tap danced in front live audiences

Want to connect with Nicole?  Let Gina know and she’ll put you in touch!