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The truth about Linda Louis

Posted by SVP Vancouver
Linda Louis, a once long time ago teacher, has been an SVP Partner for 15 years and is currently the Lead Partner for Writers’ Exchange.

“I loved the Writers’ Exchange from the first time I was introduced to Sarah and Jen, the co-founders,” says Linda. “I loved their passion for reading and writing, not only for itself, but as a means of providing the kids with the tools they need to gain self-confidence – all in a safe space after school and during school holidays.”

Since SVP’s involvement, Writers’ Exchange has grown substantially. They now provide programs to more children and spend more time with each child, focusing on the ones in greatest need. They’ve become their own independent charity, have recently held a successful crowd-funding campaign to raise funds for their move to a new space, and have grown their volunteer team. Writers’ Exchange is offering more programs this year, and they’re able to fill those programs, attract excellent staff, and look forward to Anna, their ED, returning from mat leave soon.

Linda says the most satisfying thing about working with Writers’ Exchange is that they’re so appreciative of the help and advice that SVP Partners give them. “They’re comfortable enough with SVP and the Partners to go to them when they need to and take advantage of the many opportunities that SVP offers.”

Let’s see if you were right about Linda:

  1. I’ve been horseback riding with the Gauchos in Southern Chile, ridden elephants in Laos and Thailand, and tracked tigers in Nepal, leopards in India, and gorillas in Rwanda
  2. I’ve travelled to 66 countries – as well as Antarctica (which is not actually a country at all)
  3. I’m a grandmother of three – nope, just one so far! Annabelle is the new love of my life and at four months old already has an extensive library. I can’t wait to read to her and share my love of books.

Want to connect with Linda or learn more about Writers’ Exchange?  Let Gina know and she’ll put you in touch!

Linda Louis