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SVP awards $225,450 to five worthy Investees this summer 

Posted by SVP Vancouver

SVP invests in our community throughout the year. Over the summer, SVP’s Investment Committee – comprised of the Board of Directors – met twice to approve funding to five Investees totalling $225,450, which includes generous Co-Funding from the BPS Wealth Management Group, SpencerCreo Foundation, Francis Family Foundation, and the Chin Wei Foundation.

On July 21, the Investment Committee approved Kidsafe’s third year grant of $30,000 for their successful Kidlink program, and Mom2Mom Child Poverty received a second year grant of $60,450 to support their ongoing growth. On September 10, the Investment Committee enthusiastically approved a third year grant of $31,500 to ONE TO ONE Literacy, a second year grant of $40,000 to the Adoptive Families Association of BC, and officially approved Social Diversity for Children as our newest Investee with a grant of $65,000, after a year of dedicated Partner time working with them to reach this goal.

Please read our full story to learn how these worthy Investees will leverage these grants and Partner time in the coming year to help more children and youth reach their full potential.

KidSafe Project Society


Lead Partners: Geoff Howard and Gaylean Sutcliffe

Amount Invested: $30,000, with generous Co-Funding from BPS Wealth Management Group. This is KidSafe’s third year of SVP funding.

About: Kidsafe provides nurturing safe havens for vulnerable inner-city children when schools are traditionally closed. With SVP’s support, Kidsafe launched Kidlink in September 2013 to help bridge the gap for KidSafe kids transitioning to secondary school.  Participating youth receive access to after-school recreational programs and activities through community partnerships, monthly transit passes, and one on one support from a dedicated Program Coordinator.

2014/15 Accomplishments: 

  • 44 youth (33, Grade 8 and 10, Grade9) were served and supported by Kidlink
  • Program coordinator provided 1,120 contact hours with the youth
  • Leveraged 65 program and resource partnerships
  • Secured $25,000 in new donations to the program
  • Hosted 11 Kidlink youth group night activities
  • 7 SVP Partners involved in various capacities throughout the year
  • 100% of youth said Kidlink was important to them, that they wanted to continue in their chosen program, trust the program coordinator, and would recommend Kidlink to other youth

SVP’s funding in 2015 will maintain the employment of the KidLink Program Coordinator to provide ongoing guidance and support for the graduates of the KidSafe Program. SVP Partners will continue to provide mentorship and guidance. KidSafe is confident they will be well-positioned to sustain this program with the conclusion of SVP’s funding in 2016.

Mom2Mom Child Poverty Initiative


Lead Partners: Hamlet Abnousi and Marie-Claire Howard

Amount Invested: $60,450, with generous Co-Funding from BPS Wealth Management Group, SpencerCreo Foundation, and The Chin Wei Foundation. This is Mom2Mom’s second year of SVP funding.

About: Mom2Mom Child Poverty Initiative (M2M) is focused on improving developmental outcomes for children living in Vancouver’s inner city by supporting their mothers through compassionate mentoring. M2M volunteer mentors respectfully give mothers in poverty the tools and resources to be successful and nurturing parents.

2014/15 Accomplishments: 

  • Achieved registered charity status
  • Increased number of families (17 to 32) and children (34 to 54) served
  • Doubled number of volunteers and strategic partnerships
  • Developed new website, social media and communications strategy
  • Improved training and mentor support protocols
  • Revitalized M2M board of directors with new and experienced Chair
  • Organized several community building events for M2M families
  • Planned and implemented first year-end giving campaign and annual fundraising event
  • Increased individual donors from 18 to 112

Objective: Serve 50 families by August 2016

SVP’s funding of M2M will support:

  • Continued employment of full time Executive Director
  • Hiring of a mentor/program coordinator to increase families served
  • Fund development coursework to help create a fundraising strategy and plan

ONE TO ONE Literacy Society

One to One Logo

Lead Partner: Sam Znaimer

Amount Invested: $31,500, with generous Co-Funding from BPS Wealth Management Group and the Francis Family Foundation. . This is ONE TO ONE’s third year of SVP funding.

About: ONE TO ONE provides literacy tutoring for elementary students struggling with reading. More than 300 well-trained volunteers work with 1300 students in 71 schools to provide individualized reading support each week during the school year.

2014/15 Accomplishments:

  • Served 1,350 students (compared to 840 the previous year)
  • Expanded from 59 schools to 71 (with 83 on board for 2015/16)
  • Increased fundraising revenue, donor base, and established new community partnerships
  • Streamlined capacity-building processes with implementation of CRM database
  • Celebrated 25th anniversary in 2015
  • Increased their program impact and awareness through PR and community outreach

2015/16 Objective: Implement program in 12 new schools in Metro Vancouver for a total of 83 schools

SVP’s funding will allow ONE TO ONE to:

  • Expand to 12 more schools in Metro Vancouver
  • Create exportable package to other regions within BC
  • Develop Program Evaluation tools and process
  • Increase the number of active, trained volunteers to 327
  • Develop a new 3-Year Strategic Plan and form appropriate committees to support

Adoptive Families Association of BC


Lead Partners: Larry Achtemichuk and Gaylean Sutcliffe

Amount Invested: $40,000, with generous Co-Funding from BPS Wealth Management Group. This is Adoptive Family Association of BC’s second year of funding through SVP, with the possibility of a third year if the organization can demonstrate their ability to scale.

About: AFABC provides education, service and support to BC families, children, youth and professionals connected to adoption and government care. AFABC offers British Columbia’s mandatory adoption course in partnership with the Ministry of Children and Family Development, resulting in equal access for rural communities, faster approval of families, and improved family-readiness to adopt. With SVP’s support, AFABC has expanded their online adoption education program and curriculum for use in BC and across Canada.

2014/15 Accomplishments:

  • Increased market penetration of the Adoptive Education Program Online course in BC
  • Developed and launched new courses (“Trauma-Informed Care” and “Teens & Tweens”) and enhanced Aboriginal content
  • Increased AEP-Online program enrolment and completion rates (351 individuals compared to 109 in 2013/14)

SVP’s funding will support continued enhancement of current AFABC’s products and service offerings, development of new courses/curriculum, and geographic expansion to other provinces and territories.

Social Diversity for Children

SDC logo (1000x1000)

Lead Partners: Hamlet Abnousi and Scott Shaw

Amount Invested: $65,000, with generous Co-Funding from BPS Wealth Management Group. This is Social Diversity for Children’s first year of SVP funding.

About: Social Diversity for Children (SDC) provides quality education and learning programs to empower children with disabilities. Founded and operated entirely by youth, SDC serves to lower the stigma about disabilities by engaging secondary school students in a community of support and encouragement at the peer-to-peer level.  Two hundred trained youth leaders support 150 youth and children with disabilities, offering Youth Training Workshops and volunteer orientations, music and art therapy programs, and the Birthday Surprise program.

Objective: Offer a total of eight programs, reaching 168 children and youth by the end of their three-year funding cycle with SVP.

SVP’s funding will support:

  • Hiring an Executive Director
  • Developing an Alternative Therapy program
  • Implementing a CRM system solution to manage their volunteers and donors