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SVP approves $165,300 in funding to 4 worthy Investees

Posted by SVP Vancouver
Enabling innovative nonprofits to increase their scale and achieve sustainability.

SVP’s Investment Committee (IC) met at the end of July and heard presentations by Saint James Music Academy, Mom to Mom Poverty Initiative, KidSafe Project Society, and Adoptive Families Association of BC, with support from their Lead Partners. There were also Co-Funders in attendance as Investees convincingly stated their case for funding.

After each presentation, the IC opened up into diligent discussion to ensure that the Investee was heading in the right direction towards a sustainable future. Each Investee’s financial ask, relative to goals, was carefully vetted and by the adjournment of the meeting, SVP’s Investment Committee (made up of SVP Board members) confidently approved a total of $165,300 in grants.

In approving these latest grants, the IC also approved two new Investees –  Mom 2 Mom Child Poverty Initiative and Adoptive Families’ Association of BC. Previously, SVP had only been working with these Investees on a non-financial basis. It was Saint James Music Academy’s third and final year of funding and KidSafe’s second year of a three year cycle for their KidLink Program.

Below is an overview for each of these Investees detailing the specifics of SVP’s financial and non-financial contributions. If you are interested in volunteering with any of these Investees, please contact Tanya and she will put you in touch with a Lead Partner.

Saint James Music Academy (SJMA)

Amount Invested: $30,000, with generous Co-Funding from the SpencerCreo Foundation and the Louis Family Foundation.

About: SJMA teaches classical music at no cost to children of low-income families in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and beyond, providing core Afterschool Junior and Senior Music Programs, a nutritious meal, Music Therapy, the Public School Outreach Program, summer music camps, youth mentorship, and concerts.

SJMA pursues social transformation through the power and love of music. An increase in musical aptitude lends itself towards the goals of cognitive development, socialization skills and self-empowerment.

SJMA’s Outreach Program is free weekly music instruction to local public elementary schools, founded in 2010 with SVP’s support. Outreach also helps to scope out children who would be better served through enrolment in the Afterschool Program.

2014 Objective: A record 200 children are anticipated to attend the Afterschool Program in fall, with an additional 250 students being served through the Outreach Program.

SVP’s funding will support: Continuation of outreach activities at four partner schools with expanded hours at two of the schools.

Thanks to the following Partners for their contributions to SJMA:

  • Jeff Peterson – Co-Lead Partner
  • Hamlet Abnousi – Co-Lead Partner
  • Ken Spencer and Judy Gale – Co-Funding
  • Robin and Linda Louis – Co-Funding

Mom 2 Mom Child Poverty Initiative (M2M)

Amount Invested: $50,000, with generous Co-Funding from the SpencerCreo Foundation and the Louis Family Foundation.

About: M2M’s mission is to improve outcomes for children living in poverty through compassionate, woman-to-woman mentorship, and financial, practical support of families. Mentors establish trusting relationships with the mothers and support them to achieve goals for themselves and for their children. Two Mentors are matched with one Mentee and are given a $150 budget to supplement basic needs.

M2M’s goals are decreased isolation, increased connection, increase in educational attainment and skills, and ultimately a reduction in poverty.

2014 Objective: M2M is currently serving 30 women and 60 kids. They anticipate 45 families by the end of 2014.

SVP’s funding will support: Hiring an Executive Director to increase its organizational capacity, funding sources, and develop infrastructure to serve more families and volunteers while preserving the organization’s integrity.

Testimonial: According to founder Dr. Barb Fitzgerald, “The process has been incredibly valuable to us, and being able to hire an Executive Director will move M2M forward by leaps and bounds.  SVP is an amazing organization; I think the way that your expertise and perspective has been brought to bear on our vision really exemplifies what your mission is all about.  We all look forward to our continued partnership with SVP and can’t thank you enough for everything you have done to make this happen!”

Non-financial needs:

  • Revenue development strategies
  • Creation of partnerships
  • Donor relationship management database
  • Event planning
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Evaluation – indicators and measurement
  • Direct marketing expertise

Thanks to the following Partners for their contributions to M2M:

  • Jeff Peterson – Co-Lead Partner
  • Geoff Howard – Co-Lead Partner
  • Hamlet Abnousi – Co-Lead Partner
  • Salina Chan – Co-Lead Partner
  • Ken Spencer and Judy Gale – Co-Funding
  • Robin and Linda Louis – Co-Funding

KidSafe Project Society

Amount Invested: $45,000

About: KidSafe provides nurturing safe havens for vulnerable inner-city children through their regular school year programs, and their winter, summer and spring break programs.

It came to the attention of KidSafe that graduates of the elementary-based programs were entering grade eight with very little support. With SVP’s funding, they started the KidLink program in 2013 to connect these youth with community-based programs and thus aid in this difficult period of transition. The Program Coordinator meets monthly with each youth to provide them with one-to-one support, social service referrals, and a monthly transit pass. There are also monthly Alumni night group activities.

Last year, 30 youth attended KidLink and were matched with 33 different community partners.

2014 Objective: Approximately 30-40 KidSafe graduates will attend the KidLink Program in 2014. The Program Coordinator will continue to support Alumni kids in grade nine to stay in their community programs.

SVP’s funding will support: Program Coordinator’s salary.

Now that bus pass funding has been secured by the Vancouver Police Foundation, KidSafe will have more time to focus on covering the costs of the Program Coordinator’s salary for next year.

Testimonial: Danielle Rana, Manager of Development and Community Engagement, conveys the significance of the grant: “Thanks to SVP Vancouver, we have a dedicated staff member who works 1:1 with each of our KidSafe graduates to identify and register them in the programs and services they need, and continue the positive momentum that KidSafe began. We feel very strongly that this program is both a natural and essential evolution for our organization, and we’re so grateful to SVP Vancouver for helping bring it to life.”

Non-financial needs:

  • Referrals to programs for free program spaces
  • Fundraising audit (Michelle Malpass)
  • Fundraising Committee members

Thanks to the following Partners for their contributions to KidSafe:

  • Gaylean Sutcliffe – Co-Lead Partner; BMO Vancouver Marathon participant on KidSafe’s Team of Heroes
  • Geoff Howard – Co-Lead Partner
  • Ron Klopfer – introduced a research expert who consulted on program survey design and methodology
  • Shafin Diamond – created a digital fundraising platform called Save Everyday
  • Judy Gale and Casey Fletcher – on-going support and marketing, fundraising and event planning expertise
  • Dan Bowditch and Tanya Oliva – BMO Vancouver Marathon participants on KidSafe’s Team of Heroe

Adoptive Families Association of BC (AFABC)

Amount Invested: $40,300

About: AFABC’s mission is to promote and support adoption with a greater vision of finding a permanent, loving family for every child.  Its services ensure that adoptive families are educated and supported before, during, and long after their children come home. They offer in-home support services, education seminars and workshops, online and face-to-face support groups, and more. AFABC also facilitates recruitment programs aimed at finding families for the 1200 children in government care currently waiting to be adopted.

AFABC is building out their online education in BC and other provinces and territories. They are partnering with the Ministry of Children and Families to offer a mandatory course through their Adoptive Education Program, AEP-Online as well as supplementary courses. Interactive webinairs will provide equal access across communities for education, resulting in faster approval of families, shorter wait times, and improved family-readiness to adopt. This is also a revenue-generating social venture opportunity.

2014 Objective: Train 300-350 individuals, with the Ministry covering 250 of those seats.

SVP’s funding will support:

  • Technological maintenance and improvement of AEP-online
  • Increased market penetration outside of BC and Alberta
  • Product development of courses in Trauma-Informed Care, Adopting Teens & Tweens, and enhanced aboriginal content for the AEP-Online curriculum.

Thanks to the following Partners for their contributions to AFABC:

  • Gaylean Sutcliffe – Co-Lead Partner
  • Larry Achtemichuk – Co-Lead Partner
  • Karim Rahemtulla – Co-Lead Partner