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SVP approves $145,000 in funding to 4 deserving Investees

Posted by SVP Vancouver

SVP’s Investment Committee met twice in April, approving second year funding for three existing Investees, Athletics for Kids, Safe Online Outreach Society and Yo Bro Youth Initiative, and funding for our newest Investee, Growing Chefs!.

A total of $145,000 was granted with $20,000 in generous contributions from our Co-Funders, PNG Foundation and the Francis Family Foundation.

Prior to these financial investments, SVP Partners invested countless volunteer hours lending their time, talent and expertise to help these Investees achieve their goals this past year, and in the case of Growing Chefs!, ready them for SVP funding through the development of a three year business plan.

Below is an overview for each of these Investees, which details the specifics of SVP’s financial and non-financial contributions. If you would like to join a Partner Engagement Team to work with any of these Investees, please contact Tanya and she’ll put you in touch with the Lead Partner.


Athletics for Kids (A4K)

Amount Invested: $25,000

About: A4K provides sport and recreation grants to children and youth age 5-18 from low income families and for children living in foster care.

Funds raised by A4K ensure BC kids get a chance to participate in sports programs of their choice by covering 80% of the registration fee. This allows each athlete to take part in life-changing programs, acquire new physical skills while learning important social skills and life lessons. The program also helps children develop an active lifestyle which contributes to long-term physical, mental, and emotional health.

2014 Objectives: Last year, A4K distributed a record number of grants to 812 children. This year, A4K is expecting to increase its impact with 1,000 grants.

SVP’s Funding will support:

  • Grant Administrator wages with an increase of hours
  • Training hours for new Grant Administrator
  • Temporary data entry position

Thank you to the following Partners for their contributions to A4K:

  • Dan Bowditch, Co-Lead Partner and A4K Member
  • Nancy Chapman, Co-Lead Partner
  • Shafin Diamond, A4K Board Director
  • Salima Rahemtulla, Gala Committee Member
  • Tanya Oliva, A4K Member


Safe Online Outreach Society (SOLOS)

Amount Funded: $25,000 + $10,000 Co-Funding from PNG Foundation

About: SOLOS educates children and youth on the safe and responsible use of all forms of digital communications and social media. Since 2002, the organization has reached over 90,000 British Columbians through a variety of school presentations and professional development workshops on safe internet use.

2014 Objectives:

  • Deliver 132 School Based presentations and 23 Professional Development sessions.
  • On-board third presenter by Fall
  • Develop Marketing & Communications, Branding and Fundraising strategies
  • Revamp database and implement sales campaign

SVP’s Funding will support:

  • Capacity building of existing resources to achieve program revenue goals
  • Secure professional services from R8 Design for Marketing & Communications, CRM, and promotional materials

Thank you to the following Partners for their contributions to SOLOS:

  • Nicole Geyer and Larry Achtemichuk, Co-Lead Partners
  • Natalie Marchesan, Treasurer


Growing Chefs!

Amount Funded: $30,000 + $10,000 Co-funding from Francis Family Foundation

About: Growing Chefs! pairs teams of chef volunteers with elementary school classrooms to grow vegetables, do cooking lessons, and get kids excited about healthy eating. The students plant indoor gardens consisting of fast-growing vegetables. The chefs help the students care for the garden and lead lessons on nutrition, gardening and plant growth, and healthy food systems over 12 weeks. At the end of the program, the chefs help the students harvest their vegetables and teach them to cook delicious meals with the food they’ve grown.

Growing Chefs! also examines the important role local and sustainable food choices play in our community and how these choices contribute to a healthier community and environment.

3 Year Business Plan Objectives:

  • Expand primary classrooms (Gr. 1-3) in Metro Vancouver
  • Expand the Intermediate program as a Fall Semester program
  • Expand the number of communities in Metro Vancouver and throughout the province using our ‘franchise’ model
  • Establish a recurring, multi-year funding base based on our three-year fundraising plan
  • Develop comprehensive volunteer training resources, including an online training video for each module of the in-class program, and a Train-the-Trainer model
  • Strengthen and grow the volunteer base

SVP’s Funding will support:

  • Full-time program assistant/volunteer coordinator role to allow the Executive Director to reduce time spent on administrative tasks and focus more effort on Fund development
  • Contract equipment coordinator position
  • Develop a volunteer recruitment video

Non-Financial Needs:

  • Video Production
  • Franchise Modeling
  • Website Development
  • Accounting Services
  • Communications and PR Support
  • Financial Management/Finance Committee Member
  • Salesforce Set up and Implementation

Thank you to the following Partners for their contributions to Growing Chefs!:

  • Lead Partner – Nick Bedford
  • Strategic Planning – Steven Hill
  • Financial Modelling and Reporting – Christopher Morris
  • Board Member – Maria Pacella
  • Office Space – SVP Vancouver
  • Graphic Design – Shafin Diamond
  • Soil Transportation – John Zaplytynsky
  • Fundraising Committee – John Zaplytynsky
  • Classroom Volunteers – Stania Bedford and Nancy Nelson
  • Salesforce Database Set Up – Michelle Malpass
  • Executive Leadership at City University – SVP Vancouver


Yo Bro Youth Initiative

Amount Funded: $45,000

About: Yo Bro Youth Initiative delivers unique resiliency-based programs to youth in the Lower Mainland at risk of becoming involved in gangs or drugs. The goal of the program is to identify youth before they are drug, gang or street entrenched and offer positive support systems that will enable them to develop resiliency, health living skills, proactive coping skills, and avoid the pitfalls that can derail their lives. Yo Bro Youth Initiative delivers 15 programs in 9 schools and has formed partnerships with local school districts, the Vancouver Police Department, and various community policing agencies.

2014 Objectives:

  • Develop new partnerships and increase number schools
  • Increase reach through Social Media
  • Renew contracts and agreements with current partners
  • Develop and implement a fundraising strategy

SVP’s Funding will support the employment of ED and Program Manager with a focus on the following:

  • Continue to deliver program to positively influence children and youth at-risk in Vancouver
  • Implement Strategic Plan
  • Service existing demand, while increaseing reach/impact
  • Formalize programs and curriculum development
  • Build capacity of Yo Bro as a registered charity, eligible for government and other funding
  • Work with SVP to source other funders
  • Secure additional funding to allow the hire of an administrative assistant and contractor for project impact evaluation and reporting

Thank you to the following Partners for their contributions to Yo Bro:

  • Nick Bedford – Lead Partner and Chair of Board
  • Christopher Morris – Treasurer and accounting services
  • Geoff Howard and Gowlings LLP – legal services
  • James Suk – web design and development
  • SpencerCreo Foundation – Co-Funding
  • Francis Family Foundation – Co-Funding