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Mom2Mom mentors are a source of strength for Sindy

Posted by SVP Vancouver

Sindy and Janet are about to have their one-year Mom2Mom “friend anniversary”, a cause for celebration! Janet and Stephanie, Mom2Mom mentors, met Sindy at a time when she was struggling to find housing and get services for her youngest child. As a single mom experiencing poverty, Sindy’s life has been dominated by a sense of isolation and a relentless search for adequate housing. For five months, Janet, Stephanie and Sindy met several times a week to search for housing – and ensure this family would not end up homeless – only to be turned away when it was discovered that Sindy is in receipt of social assistance.

The impact and stress took a major toll – Sindy’s daughter began to act out more often as a result. With Janet and Stephanie’s help, Sindy recently secured housing near the therapeutic school her daughter is attending. For the past four months she and her family have had their first period of stability in years. In addition, Sindy has developed a deep friendship with Janet and Stephanie that is a source of strength for the whole family. As Sindy says, “We share a lot. My daughter doesn’t have friends. Stephanie brings her kids and they all play and laugh together – they love each other. We’ve made a great connection.”

A recent eviction has meant another move is on the horizon, however, Sindy knows that she is not alone and soon her life will be stable. The support of M2M volunteers means the world to her, and offsets some of the debilitating stress that she and her children feel.

The Mom2Mom board tracks the progress of mothers like Sindy who, once stable, are truly doing better and as a result so are their children. From its infancy to now, Mom2Mom’s program helps avert the need for children to be removed from their homes, supports mothers as they pursue their goals, and has seen several women return to school and two enter the workforce for the first time.

Through SVP Partner connections Mom2Mom now has support for tuition costs that women can take advantage of when they are ready, with the support of mentors. These are real, tangible results and the numbers will only increase as Mom2Mom grows. It’s been just five and a half months since Mom2Mom became an official investee with SVP and, with the help of Lead Partners Hamlet and Marie-Claire, Mom2mom is building the organizational capacity needed to adequately meet the needs of families like Sindy’s.

With one staff person, a talented board of directors and over 100 volunteers, the organization has grown from 20 families to 33, including 52 children, in just a few months. The impact is monumental for those children who are able to stay with mothers who are, through Mom2Mom, receiving the support and compassion they need to start changing the future for their children, and themselves.