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Meet Anabelle Escaffré, our new Operations Coordinator

Posted by SVP Vancouver

Anabelle joined the Social Venture Partners Vancouver team in May 2021. We wanted to introduce her to SVP Partners and Investees, so we asked her a few getting-to-know-you questions.

What drew you to Social Venture Partners?
I think what intrigued me most was the time and money model. When I was a student in France, I was part of a network of junior enterprises (small nonprofits run by students seeking to learn about the business world). My role was to help junior enterprises that were experiencing difficulties.

We’d perform an audit to assess their current state, and then I would use this to determine which critical areas the enterprise needed to work on. I drew action plans and gave them training to help them improve their capacity, then stayed in contact with them to monitor their progress. It was an amazing and enriching experience.

The work that SVP staff and Partners do with our Investees reminded me of that. I know first-hand how this kind of partnership can be beneficial, for everyone involved, and I wanted to be a part of it. I was also so impressed with all that SVP’s Investees and Alumni do—so inspiring—that I just knew I wanted to join the team.

What do you most enjoy (and what are you most looking forward to) about your work at SVP?
I like the fact that I’m supporting everyone on the team. This way I get to discover every aspect of what we do here at SVP. Having this global vision of the organization is very interesting. I’m also very much looking forward to meeting Partners and Investees once we can meet in person again. Everyone seems to have such interesting and diverse stories and I can’t wait to learn from them.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Knowing that, at my own level, I am contributing to making the world a better place. The team at SVP is also a big motivational factor. They are all amazing and it gives me hope that together we can maybe bring about real change. When you see there are people like them out there, the state of the world doesn’t feel quite so discouraging anymore.

What do you miss most about France?
The food would be a big one. My friends and family of course. And how easy it is to travel all over Europe: it’s so cheap and countries are so close to each other. Here everything is so far away! Flying from Vancouver to Montreal takes about as much time as going from Paris to New York City.

What’s something nobody would guess about you?
I do synchronized swimming. When I arrived in Vancouver, I didn’t know which area was best for living so I just picked one close to where my soon-to-be synchronized swimming club practices!


Okay, time for a lightning round. Ready? Here we go:

Your home city in France

How long you’ve been in Canada
About a year and a half (I had great timing and arrived right before the start of the pandemic).

Your favourite food
So many! But if I have to pick one, I’d say ice cream.

The best thing you cook
I make a mean chocolate cake (Helen will confirm).

What you’re most looking forward to as Covid restrictions lift
Finally being able to explore Canada and the U.S., and being able to spend Christmas with my family in France.