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Matthew Morin achieves his potential through three SVP Investees

Posted by SVP Vancouver
Zero Ceiling Work 2 Live participant Matty Morin

My name is Matthew Morin. All my life I have wanted to help others. However, a lack of consistency, dependency on others, over-accommodating, and a stressful up-bringing have prevented me from being capable of doing so to the extent that I should. Three SVP-supported programs have helped me get over these difficulties.

I attended the Take a Hike program (a former SVP Investee) for my Grade 11 and 12 years. Take a Hike gave me perspective and clarity about my wellbeing and impact on others. There, I learned that in order to take care of them, first I would have to take care of myself. This program helped me move forward on the path of finding out who I really am deep inside and what I want for my family and myself. This process also helped me realize my role as a person and sort out a huge part of my past. I noticed tremendous spiritual and physical progress during the camping trips and they ensured that I got through school all the way to graduating in 2014. Through this program I am now better equipped to manage stress. In addition, I was honoured with the opportunity to speak with the 14th Dalai Lama at Educate the Heart in October, 2014.

Yo Bro Youth Initiative (another SVP Investee) is my driving force and foundation. Here I accomplished a sense of self-worth and confidence. Rather than being on the streets, Joe Calendino (founder of Yo Bro) would get us in the dojo. I learned how to defend myself, fortified my purpose and had compassionate seeds planted in my mind. Joe always makes sure I’m doing something productive and that my family is supported with food and clothes. He is now working with my little brother Caleb and is helping him succeed. Through working with Yo Bro, I was introduced to Zero Ceiling.

The Zero Ceiling program is helping me transition from a boy into a man. I’m in an amazing environment to take on new responsibilities, challenges, learn more about myself, and be happy within. In the three months I’ve been in Zero Ceiling’s Work 2 Live program, I’ve made some serious strides towards goal planning, better communication, healthy decisions and self-management. I’ve made leaps in progress to overcome difficulties that have been affecting me my whole life (punctuality, communication, financial management). Through the Work 2 Live program, I have the opportunity for long-term residence and work in Whistler, and I am having the time of my life learning how to snowboard on the number one mountain resort in North America.

All of these programs and the people involved with them have been powerful forces in my internal revolution and I am eternally grateful.

Zero Ceiling