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Listening: A Shortcut to Understanding

Posted by SVP Vancouver
Larry Achtemichuk, SVP Partner

Larry Achtemichuk has a career background in information technology and joined SVP in May 2012. Over the last six years he’s invested a significant portion of his time and expertise volunteering with our Investees:

  • Lead Partner with several Investees – NICCSS, Adoptive Families Association of BC, and SafeOnline
  • Active member of the Opportunities Committee
  • Subject Matter Expert in the Information/Technology Community of Practice (stay tuned for more on this!)

Larry reflects on his experience working with Investees during this time…

“In the SVP context of providing funding and assistance,” says Larry, “some Partners may be hesitant to be represented as “experts” in general or in a particular area; or they may wonder if their experience base readily translates to the needs of a small not-for-profit.”

He adds, “The hesitancy may partly stem from imagining interactions with an Investee to involve some form of “dispensing” of purported expertise or experience.”

“A suggestion: just jump in, but with a conscious effort to first be a good listener in your interactions with the Investee. This will lead more quickly to understanding their unique needs, opportunities and pain points, and how best to assist them personally or through help from the SVP community.”

“Good understanding enables value,” says Larry. “Listening is a shortcut to understanding.”