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KidSafe Pancakes Breakfast heralds the launch of “KidSafe Week” in City of Vancouver

Posted by SVP Vancouver

KidSafe celebrated their growing reach at their annual Supporter’s Pancake Breakfast on March 11th, 2015. Held at Florence Nightingale Elementary School, this annual event joined KidSafe children, staff, volunteers and donors (including many SVP Vancouver partners) over a nutritious and delicious breakfast celebration!

SVP Partners Eric Southam and Tom Porteous at KidSafe Pancake Breakfast

Hosted by CTV Sportscaster Jason Pires, KidSafe’s Pancake Breakfast celebrated the launch of “KidSafe Week” in the city of Vancouver, with an official mayoral proclamation by Deputy Mayor Andrea Reimer.  Guests also heard from a number of local dignitaries as to the importance of KidSafe’s programs for vulnerable children and youth, including Vancouver Board of Education Chairperson Christopher Richardson, and Inspector Howard Tran from the Vancouver Police Department.

A highlight of the event was a speech by KidSafe parent Sandra Bell, where she shared the positive impact KidSafe has had on her family, including her daughter who is enrolled in KidSafe’s KidLink grade 8 transition program (generously funded by SVP Vancouver). Sandra shared how KidSafe has helped her daughter develop self-esteem and a sense of belonging in her community, and provided her with experiences she would not have had otherwise. As a single mother also pursuing her own education, Sandra thanked KidSafe for the peace of mind she receives knowing that her children are safe, having fun, and eating healthy when schools are closed.

After a touching performance of the “Women’s Warrior” song by KidSafe’s afterschool girls program participants, KidSafe’s Interim Executive Director Kristi Rintoul took to the stage and reflected on the organization’s growth over the past 22 years.

“Amongst all the growth and change KidSafe has seen, one thing that has remained consistent is the need for safe, free, fun and educational places for children to go when they are not in school.  And for vulnerable children and youth, the need for KidSafe isn’t shrinking, in fact it’s growing.  And while this growing need is not something to celebrate, what we can celebrate today is how all of the people in this room have come together to provide essential services to the vulnerable children and families of this community.”

This year, thanks to SVP Vancouver and a community of donors, KidSafe will serve 450 vulnerable children and youth. To learn more about our programs, visit www.kidsafe.ca.