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KidLink participant is grateful to try activities she’s always dreamed of

Posted by SVP Vancouver

KidSafe’s KidLink program supports vulnerable Vancouver youth during a time of great risk: high school transition. These susceptible youth receive one to one support from KidLink’s Program Coordinator, Angela – a caring adult who helps them access and succeed in the youth programs and services they need and deserve, but often lack access to due to socioeconomic and emotional barriers.

KidLink youth “Christina” shares her experience with the KidLink program:

“I have always wanted to do many things, like play different musical instruments and try new things. I never thought that I could learn or try the different things that I wished to – but KidLink helped me with that.”

“For example, no one in my family ever had the opportunity to swim and this year I decided that I will be the first in the family to take swimming lessons. My family was so excited for me that when Angela took me shopping for my first bathing suit and goggles, my entire family came along to help me pick. We spent over 40 minutes looking at colors and fitting. Everyone had their own opinion, but it was a really good feeling to have everyone there. I finally chose a red one that I really liked and thought fitted well.”

“Now I think that there is a possibility that I could try many new things. Since I started high school, I get to go to many different places, which means that I will get more experiences and forget my worries for a while. I am really glad to be in this program, and I hope that I will be able to do more things in the future.”

KidLink is positively impacting the lives of vulnerable youth by creating empowering opportunities that make it easier for young adults to make good choices, feel better about themselves and have an increased chance to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.