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Getting to know Meagan Sutton

Posted by SVP Vancouver
Meagan and a monkey

Meet Meagan Sutton, Social Impact Coach

SVP Vancouver 2.0 gets a boost with the addition of Meagan Sutton as Social Impact Coach! In this new role, Meagan will work directly with SVP Investees on social impact evaluation including strategy development; training and coaching Investees, Partners, and staff; and collecting and managing data.

In addition to her skills in building and streamlining operations to maximize efficiency and impact, Meagan is also an expert hula hoop trickster who loves backpacking, kitesurfing, skiing, and just about anything else outdoors.

Young Meagan in Christmas sweaterWhen you were a kid, what did you dream of being when you grew up?

I dreamed of being a spy or detective. I would roam around the playground or my neighbourhood with my friends picking up clues, observing people, taking notes, leaving secret notes around, and trying to find juicy details!

What inspires you to make a difference in the world?

I’ve had the privilege to work and travel globally. The inequality and injustices I’ve observed and learned about in some of these places have been the source of my inspiration for wanting to make a difference in the world.


Tell us two truths and one lie

  1. When I was young, I got the chickenpox twice.
  2. I performed with a fire spinning group in the South Pacific.
  3. A warthog jumped onto my tent once while camping in Kenya.

The lie…

“When I was young, I got the chickenpox twice.”  Just joking! I’ve never had chickenpox.

What book would you recommend everyone read?

One of my favourite book series is, His Dark Materials, by Philip Pullman. I would highly recommend the first book in the series called The Golden Compass.

Got a question for Meagan? Send her a note!