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Getting to know Greg Sullivan

Posted by SVP Vancouver
Greg Sullivan (L), Susan Aitchison (M), LDAV Board Member, and Kate Raven (R), LDAV Executive Director

Pictured: Greg Sullivan (L), Susan Aitchison (M), LDAV Board Member, and Kate Raven (R), LDAV Executive Director

Meet the Sullivans! Greg and his wife Elese have been SVP Partners since December 2016.

Greg was introduced to SVP through his friend and colleague, Jim Fletcher, and brings experience in a variety of areas including investment management, capital markets, energy, power, and natural resources – and for the past ten years he’s managed an investment fund in Vancouver. Greg holds a B.Sc. in Engineering Science from the University of Toronto and a M.S. and Ph.D. in Aeronautical Engineering from Caltech. Elese currently works as an administrator at a Vancouver elementary school, their two daughters are both in the Integrated Engineering program at UBC, and their son is in Gr. 11 at Vancouver College.

On diving into his SVP engagement…  

“When I first joined,” says Greg, “I enjoyed a welcoming, insightful and helpful SVP orientation provided by friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate staff. They recommended I join the SVP Opportunities Committee, on which I continue to participate.”

“Elese and I attended many SVP social events in our first year, including all three of the highly informative Summer Social Series events. I also attended a brainstorming session for Take a Hike and participated in the SVP Core Criterion roundtable session.”

Through his participation in the Opportunities Committee (OC) and various SVP events, Greg enjoys meeting many Partners, Investees, and prospective Investees. He continues to learn more about non-profit organizations and how to provide effective support to help them accomplish their missions.

On becoming a co-Lead Partner for the Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver…  

Greg was initially introduced to the Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver (LDAV) through the SVP Opportunities Committee. He enjoyed getting to know LDAV through the discovery process, working alongside three other OC members. Greg found the SVP discovery process rigorous in a very positive way with mutual benefits to SVP and LDAV.

“The feedback from Partners, staff, OC members and IC members was very helpful to LDAV,” says Greg, “and resulted in the successful exploration of an additional funding avenue to help accelerate the LDAV capacity-building process.”

Along with co-Lead Partner Cathy Brown, Greg is very excited to roll-up his sleeves and help LDAV to double their capacity from 150 to 300 students over the next three years. Greg is highly motivated to help advance LDAV to achieve their longer-term goal to grow to serve all the children and youth in Greater Vancouver with learning disabilities.

Greg greatly values the SVP network and the ability – through SVP – to collectively effect material and positive change. “I feel privileged to work alongside SVP Partners, staff and Investees to serve children and youth at risk in our community.”

Pictured below, Elese and Greg Sullivan (middle) with Nick (L) and Stania (R) Bedford.

Elese and Greg Sullivan (centre) flanked by Nick and Stania Bedford