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Getting to Know Andrea Duke

Posted by SVP Vancouver
Andrea Duke in India

Andrea Duke – a Human Resources consultant at TPD (an HR and workforce services firm) – is one of our new Young Partners; a person under 40 years old who wants to contribute to positive social change through their involvement with SVP Vancouver.

Her interest in non-profit organizations, children and youth issues, and social ventures took root and grew while she worked at the Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children (now the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island) and when she studied for her MBA (UBC Sauder School of Business).

On why she became an SVP Partner…

“I’ve always wanted to find an effective way to contribute to society at some point in my life,” Andrea recalls. “I began to make it a priority after learning about the benefits of volunteering from Arianna Huffington’s book, Thrive. I wanted to find an opportunity where I could volunteer my skills and learn about the challenges that come with social innovation. My father became an SVP member in January 2018 and from him I learned that SVP’s vision and mission matched my personal convictions. I joined soon after.”

On the things she likes about being a Partner…

“I really enjoy collaborating and learning from other Partners and Investees, says Andrea. “Through SVP, I get opportunities to meet people I wouldn’t normally encounter with different perspectives and experiences. So far, I’ve attended Investee brainstorming sessions and have given advice to Investees via email and over the phone. I’ve also made it to one of our mingles which was fun, inspiring, and very well attended.”

Andrea stays up to date on SVP news and Investee needs by reading the SVP Snapshot every Thursday. “I really enjoy the weekly newsletter and the articles related to social impact,” says Andrea. “It’s very exciting to read about research and innovation in the social sector.”

What would you say to other young professionals wanting to get into philanthropy?

“My advice would be not to wait until you have more free time or until you have accumulated more savings. With SVP, your time and money go a long way to make an immediate impact. I love hearing how the advice I’ve given Investees through our 15-minute phone calls has helped their organization. It’s very rewarding to know you can make a meaningful contribution now. You will learn so much from SVP about how to make a difference.”

Andrea Duke headshot