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Fundraising shared services pilot now permanent

Posted by SVP Vancouver
Fundraising Trainer, Amanda Burrows

Year two was magic!

2018 was another successful year for the fundraising shared services pilot — so successful the Board unanimously agreed to make the role permanent! Welcome to the team Amanda Burrows.

Amanda worked with nine Investees this year in addition to the seven she has engaged since February 2017. In total 16 out of 20 Investees have benefited from Amanda’s fund development services since the beginning of the pilot.

As Fundraising Trainer, Amanda assists Investees in building capacity in three main areas:

  1. Strategy + Resources: by co-creating strategic materials and resources including cases for support and fundraising plans
  2. Education + Training: by delivering educational group sessions and 1-1 opportunities to learn more about fundraising best practices
  3. Relationship Management: by giving hands on coaching + mentoring, including accompanying Investees on solicitation asks

She has facilitated numerous workshops and spoken at industry events on topics such as the donor cycle, board engagement, fund development strategy, the case for support, major gifts, solicitation training and, SVP’s shared services among others.

“Amanda has been instrumental in helping Zero Ceiling to develop an effective fundraising strategy,” says Zero Ceiling Executive Director Chris Wrightson. “She has provided formal training, mentoring, and on the fly advice whenever we have needed it. Her advice is always grounded in theory but thoughtfully adapted to our context. Zero Ceiling would not have the financial reserves and ongoing fundraising strategy it now has without having had her assistance as the SVP Fundraising Trainer. This has been one of the most valuable aspects of our partnership with SVP.”

2018 highlight

Fundraising retreat September 2018The inaugural two-day immersive fundraising retreat proved to be a stand out experience. SVP hosted 13 organizations and 25 participants with the goal to get them excited about fundraising in an environment free from distractions. By all accounts, it was a huge success. One participant stated that they “left the retreat inspired, energized and all-together more equipped to lead” while another learned a “better way to speak about [their] organization’s purpose.” (see infographic)

What’s next?

In 2019 Amanda hopes to work with the 12 current and alumni Investees who have expressed interest in improving their fund development services. Additionally, she may work with up to seven new Investees.

“What I’m looking forward to in 2019 is offering Fundraising Trainer services as part of the alumni program,” says Amanda. “I am excited to welcome new Investees and to continue working with the amazing organizations that already engage my services.”