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Family Philanthropy Holiday Hampers

Posted by SVP Vancouver

Teaching our children kindness, generosity, and compassion

SVP Partners, Annette Yang and Michael Argast, have been sponsoring families via Christmas Hamper programs for almost 20 years – and we’re excited to collaborate with them to create an opportunity for you and your children to participate.

Annette’s story is touching and inspirational – in her own words:

My family and I immigrated to Canada when I was seven. When we first came to this country, our community helped us with getting settled. As part of that, we received Christmas hampers with food and presents for everyone. As children, my siblings and I didn’t know where it came from but we thought that because it was Christmas, it must have been from Santa. We were so happy and excited! Happy for the food and excited for the presents. About 19 years ago, I came across a Christmas hamper program in East Vancouver and realized that’s where our hampers came from when I was young.

I wanted to be able to share that joy and excitement with a family who needed help for the holidays, so Michael and I began hosting Christmas parties each year to get our family and friends together to sponsor families for the holidays. We both felt it was important to give back to our community and share the joy of Christmas with those in need. Giving back a bit of what I received when I was young and new to Canada. You never know what effect it will have on those you give to. I still remember the great joy of receiving those Christmas hampers!

Michael and I believe that it’s important to teach our children kindness, generosity and compassion. Our three kids help with the Christmas hampers each year. They help sort the food and wrap the presents as well as help with the delivery to the community centre or to the families directly. We also encourage them to share what they have with those less fortunate by asking them to donate some of their unopened toys and gifts, received from family and friends.

Our kids understand that they are lucky to have so much and that there are kids out there that don’t have anything. We provide our children with the opportunity to show how they can contribute to the community and that it can be done at any age. No matter the size of the contribution, every small effort helps and makes a difference.

Please join us with SVP and share the joy and wealth of your holidays by sponsoring a family this holiday season! This opportunity gives you and yours the chance to help a family who would not be able to afford a wonderful holiday with presents and all the trimmings for a great celebration. It’s also an excellent family activity – gathering food items, shopping for gifts, and thinking of ways to provide the sponsored family with things that will make their holiday merry.

And for families with children, it’s never too early to teach and show them generosity, kindness and compassion.

ACTION: Join the adventure!!  

Around mid-November, SVP will sponsor 2-3 local families in need. We’ll acquire the families’ holiday wish lists and create a sign-up sheet for items. Participating Partners and their children will choose which items they’d like to acquire for the family, then bring that item (or items) to the SVP Family Philanthropy Gift-Wrapping Party in early December, where kids will have a hands-on experience and hear a story about the importance of helping others.

Please submit your name and the names/ages of your children HERE.

Questions? Contact Gina.