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Building Capacity, One Step at a Time

Posted by SVP Vancouver

Every non-profit SVP works with has unique needs that require a nimble approach and a diverse pool of resources to pull from.

This is where our Partners’ time, expertise, and connections really come into play. Each of our Investees has at least one Lead Partner to act as the liaison between the organization and SVP resources. The Lead Partners listen to the Investee and then tap into SVP resources by reaching out to SVP staff, fellow Partners, and their own personal connections to work towards fulfilling the Investees’ needs.

One of the strategies SVP employs to address Investee projects is through its Communities of Practice. SVP’s nine Communities of Practice are made up Partners who share a skill or interest in one of these areas:

Financial Management
Strategic Planning
Human Resources
Marketing and Communications
Management and Leadership
Fund Development
Monitoring and Evaluation

When an Investee project in one of these areas comes up, SVP staff puts a call out to members of that community to determine availability and interest to volunteer. Join a Community of Practice.

Recently, one of SVP’s newest Investees, PEDAL, tapped into the Strategic Planning Community of Practice. PEDAL Lead Partners, Dan Bowditch and Jay Biskupski were the drivers behind the session.

PEDAL Planning Session 18Apr18 IMG_3671“An uncharacteristically large strategic planning session was recently conducted at the SpencerCreo Centre, facilitated by SVP Partner, Eric Cormier,” said Dan Bowditch, PEDAL co-Lead Partner. “Eighteen PEDAL staff, volunteers, and board members participated, along with Jay Biskupski and me. They were a very engaged group accustomed to active collaboration and consensus building,” said Dan. “It was a long day, but even the snowy weather and Lunar New Year Parade outside did not distract from the proceedings.”

PEDAL Executive Director, Sophia Suderman appreciated having access to the SpencerCreo Centre space and having Eric as a facilitator. “It was a valuable experience,” said Sophia, “to take some time out from the day to day operations to formally evaluate our programs, review the impact of them, and identify some goals for 2020.”