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3 things you didn’t know about Robin Louis

Posted by SVP Vancouver

Meet Robin Louis (full bio), member of the SVP Vancouver board of directors since 2013. He chairs the SVP Development Committee where he practices his favourite SVP activity: getting people excited to become SVP Partners. His best SVP moment was when finally, after almost 10 years of encouragement, his wife Linda was inspired to get involved with an SVP Investee. Linda is now the Lead Partner for Writers’ Exchange and an active member on the Opportunities Committee

Robin has been an SVP Partner since 2004. According to him, his most embarrassing SVP moment was “spending a year and a half trying to figure out how to quantify the impact our Investees have on the people they serve, and achieving precisely nothing except getting a reputation for caring only about numbers.” In fact, we all deeply appreciate Robin’s commitment to ensuring SVP always strives for excellence! 

3 things you didn’t know about me:

  1.  I was unable to stick in a career: I did timber cruising when I was at university, then physics research. I spent some time in corporate environments, then ran a software company, then venture capital investor and finally, after retirement, a stint as not-for-profit fundraiser (chair of the Science World $35 million capital campaign)
  2. I have taken up many sports, always starting at too old an age to become proficient (took up skiing when well over 40 and paddle boarding at 70+). I’m still trying to learn squash, cycling, and skiing. I’m also getting steadily slower going up the Grind. I may retire from these activities to become a full-time wine aficionado
  3. I like to travel and have visited over 60 countries, most recently, although not really a country, Antarctica