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3 things you didn’t know about Caroline Jellinck

Posted by SVP Vancouver

Meet Caroline Jellinck (full bio), SVP board director since 2015 and chair of the SVP Governance Committee.

Caroline has been an SVP Partner since 2014. She says her best SVP moment was when the board collaborated to develop our first set of SVP values and behaviours. These guiding philosophies help define what is important to us, what we believe, and how we show up: “I think this was an important step in maturing as a board and understanding the value and values that we bring.”

3 things you didn’t know about me: 

    1. I was a Commissioned Officer in the Canadian Navy trained in Maritime Surface Navigation
    2. I took “serious cooking lessons” at the Paul Bucuse Institute in Lyon, France 
    3. My guilty pleasure is watching British television