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3 things you didn’t know about Alanna Donahue

Posted by SVP Vancouver

Meet SVP board director, Alanna Donahue. Most of you will remember her in her role as Interim Executive Director for SVP from October 2015 to April 2016, but she’s been with SVP from the very beginning as a member of the founding board. Since 2001, Alanna has volunteered with SVP in a variety of roles, including non-profit exploration (Opportunities Committee) and project work in her area of expertise, fundraising. In her most recent term with the SVP board, she’s been a director since 2014.

Alanna’s favourite thing about SVP is interacting with the Investees. “Whether it’s meeting with an ED one on one, with their Board, or taking a tour of their space and meeting some of the people they support, it drives home why we do what we do. It is thought provoking, inspiring, and humbling… There, but for the grace of God, go I.

3 things you didn’t know about me… 

  1. I grew up in cowboy boots… at age 17 I was leading “city folks” on horse trail rides
  2. I am a Dame of Grace within the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem Knights Hospitaller, an international organization, which has a 900 years’ tradition dedicated to helping the sick and poor of all nationalities, races, and creeds
  3.  I was in Oakland California for the 1989 World Series when the earthquake hit

Pictured in the photo are Alanna and her mom, Mary.