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Writers’ Exchange

The Writers’ Exchange gets inner-city kids excited about reading, writing and their own potential. Their vision is that all kids will know they are awesome, capable and can achieve everything.

At Writers’ Exchange literacy programs, students in Vancouver create publications from scratch—they brainstorm ideas, then write, edit, and present their finished product. Their superstar volunteer mentors work with students so that each child can succeed to the best of his or her ability. All Writers’ Exchanges’ reading programs are free for the children and families they serve.

Writers’ Exchange, a second-time SVP Investee, was approved for a $135,000 Scaling Grant in November 2018, with goals to:

  1. Strengthen their governance by adding two new members to the board with the right skills and expertise to successfully contribute to the development of a long-term strategic plan focused on scaling.
  2. By November 2019 UBC will present a Social Return on Investment report to the Writers’ Exchange outlining the long-term value proposition of its programs and services.
  3. Build capacity in volunteer resources – successfully recruit and maintain the growing team of volunteer mentors required.
  4. Strategic plan for scale – all three activities above will contribute to a new strategic plan for scaling their mission across Metro Vancouver, the Province and beyond!


SVP Grant Commitment: A scaling grant of $135,000 over two years was approved in November 2018: $55,000 in year 1, and $80,000 in year 2 (pending review).

Executive Director: Annastasia Forst
SVP Lead Partner: Linda Louis