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Urban Horse Project

Founded in 2016, Urban Horse Project empowers at-risk youth in Metro Vancouver by providing innovative, experiential equine assisted learning programs. Horses are the teachers in this objectives-driven, life-skills training program that builds confidence, communication and leadership skills for at-risk youth in Metro Vancouver.

Urban Horse Project participants work together with kind and experienced horses through a range of adventure-based learning challenges that require problem-solving and teamwork – no riding is involved. Youth gain greater appreciation for and potential stewardship of nature through the program, i.e. curiosity, empathy and interest. Academic research on the Cartier Farms model has shown increased well-being and resiliency, for example, 75% of youth participants in the study reported feeling calmer, and 74% reported feeling enjoyment / happy / good through time spent with the horses.

Urban Horse Project is looking for non-financial support from SVP Partners in the areas of strategic planning, human resources, communications, technology, systems development and fund development.

SVP grant commitment: $45,000 in 2019.

Executive Director: Nancy McRitchie
SVP Lead Partners: Janet Allan and Marcelo Bohm