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Take a Hike Foundation

Take a Hike Foundation re-engages vulnerable youth in high school, helps them overcome their barriers to success, and graduate with their Dogwood diploma. Established in 2000, Take a Hike’s vision is to be the North American leader at enabling communities to empower at-risk youth to achieve their full potential, realize their dreams, and give back to their communities. They offer a full-time alternative education program that engages at-risk youth through a unique combination of adventure-based learning, academics, therapy, and community involvement. Take a Hike (TAH) empowers these youth with the tools to forge their own path and achieve success in school and in their lives.

To qualify for an SVP Scaling Grant, an Investee must have a compelling theory of change related to SVP’s mission of serving children and youth at-risk, and show evidence of their impact, with the possibility to drive systemic change through scaling. SVP Vancouver Investee Selection Framework – Scaling Grants

On June 26, 2017, the SVP Investment Committee approved TAH’s request for a one-time Scaling Grant of $150,000 – an investment that will allow TAH to:

  • Hire a Director of Program Innovation & Development
  • Develop a theory of change
  • Develop more robust alumni success stories
  • Develop a social return on investment framework
  • Employ expert advisors

SVP grant commitment: (June 2017) a one time grant of $150,000 which includes generous co-funding from the BPS Wealth Management Group at CIBC Wood Gundy (represented by SVP Partners Geoff Bertram, Tom Porteous and Eric Southam) in the amount of $45,000.

CEO: Gordon Matchett
SVP Lead Partner: Nicole Geyer