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Power To Be

Power To Be offers inclusive adventure-based recreation activities for people living with a barrier or disability through their Adaptive Recreation and Wilderness School. Long and well-established in Victoria, Power To Be seeks to foster positive social development and life skills while challenging participants to engage in leadership activities and connect with the natural environment.  The process instills confidence, creates stability and structure so participants have the tools to succeed in school, at home, and in their communities.

SVP Vancouver is a key partner in helping Power To Be realize their goal of scaling their Vancouver programs up to Victoria’s level. After identifying needs during an SVP-facilitated SWOT analysis and with SVP’s grant, they acquired a new office and storage space in the North Shore and hired a Program Manager and a Program Facilitator in 2014. Their target is to serve 310 children, youth and families in Vancouver this year.

SVP Grant Commitment: $90,000 over three years (2013 – 2015) with generous co-funding support from the SpencerCreo Foundation and Francis Family Foundation.

Executive Director: Tim Cormode
SVP Lead Partners: Ian Carmichael and John Zaplatynsky