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PEDAL Society

PEDAL was established to develop and promote the use of bicycles and pedal powered technology to reduce society’s environmental impact, alleviate poverty and improve quality of life. Through their social enterprise and the programs they offer, they enable, educate and empower members of the community to make cycling a part of their daily lives. PEDAL runs Our Community Bikes (OCB), an innovative social enterprise bike shop recovering and refurbishing bikes from the waste stream, and providing tools, parts and mechanical skills training so people can fix their own bikes. The shop serves a vital need, providing access to practical, low cost transport, and skills training.

PEDAL’s vision is a world where all youth have convenient access to bicycles and the skills to operate and repair their bikes.

For nearly 25 years PEDAL has operated a successful bike shop and social enterprise, supporting youth by offering mechanical repair training, access to bicycles and the skills to ride safely and to navigate, wherever they might live. PEDAL would like to build upon this legacy, growing its operations in Vancouver and spawning similar operations in communities elsewhere.

SVP grant commitment: $45,000 in 2017 which includes generous co-funding from the BPS Wealth Management Group at CIBC Wood Gundy (represented by SVP Partners Geoff Bertram, Tom Porteous and Eric Southam) in the amount of $13,500. In 2018, subsequent funding of $50,000 was approved, and in 2019, $20,000 will be disbursed (pending review).

Executive Director: Sophia Suderman
SVP Lead Partner: Dan Bowditch