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Marie-Claire Howard (Partner since 2011)

Background: Born in France, Marie-Claire moved to Canada in 1984.  A former journalist, Marie-Claire has been working as a business administrator since 1996.  She is a founding partner at Howard Vera Design, providing residential and commercial design services.  She is a keen athlete whose current passions are tennis and field hockey.

Education/Experience: Studied Political Sciences at the University of Grenoble and worked in journalism and media relations before becoming a small business administrator.

Skills to bring to SVP:  Marie-Claire has always been involved in volunteer organizations, most recently as a board member of the Vancouver Hawks Field Hockey Club and as President of the Alliance Francaise of Vancouver.  She feels very strongly that every child deserves a happy childhood and joined SVP Vancouver in 2011 to help at-risk kids have a chance at a good life.

Investee Experience: Marie-Claire has been active in rethinking SVP Vancouver’s internal communication strategy.  She has also been involved with several brainstorming sessions with Investees such as Athletics for Kids, One on One Literacy, and Kidsafe.