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Children of the Street Society

Founded in 1995, Children of the Street Society is a provincial society and federal charity dedicated to preventing the sexual exploitation and human trafficking of children and youth in British Columbia through education strategies, public awareness initiatives, and family support.

They are the only organization in BC providing free, school-based prevention and intervention programs that give young people the information and practical tools needed to keep safe from sexual exploitation.

With the upcoming retirement of Executive Director and Founder, Diane Sowden, the society will ensure the continuation of their programs and services by way of a merger with PLEA Community Services Society of BC (PLEA).

A one-time innovation grant of up to $30,000 was approved in order to support PLEA in acquiring the programs and services of Children of the Street Society, and dissolving the Children of the Street Society.

SVP will also offer non-financial support in the form of:

  • Advice and assistance in developing a plan to successfully finalize the merger
  • Expertise to ensure compliance with regulations for winding down Children of the Street Society
  • Knowledge in communications/marketing strategies to communicate the merger
  • Support with HR, legal, and financial matters

SVP grant commitment: $30,000 in 2019
Children of the Street Society Executive Director: Diane Sowden
PLEA Executive Director: Tim Veresh
Lead Partners: Larry Achtemichuk and Neil Duke