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Founded in 2012, BabyGoRound Helping Families Society (“BabyGoRound”) helps Greater Vancouver families in need to safely care for their babies and toddlers by providing them with essential baby gear, such as cribs and strollers, that they might otherwise not be able to access.

BabyGoRound gathers and redistributes gently used baby gear, ensuring that the gear continues to be used and remains out of landfills. They work strictly through a referral system, using social service agencies to identify children and families that are most in need. BabyGoRound contacts identified families directly to arrange a visit in order to best satisfy the family’s direct requirements.

This service is provided directly, in person, in a supportive and dignified environment that adheres to BabyGoRound’s integral values of respect, excellence, integrity, support, and community. By helping to provide healthy starts for infants and aiding early childhood development, BabyGoRound hopes to support the growth of educated, productive members of society.


BabyGoRound’s key first-year objectives working with SVP include:

  1. Hiring a full-time Executive Director
  2. Increasing the number of families served
  3. Improving the efficiency of their delivery system
  4. Developing monitoring and evaluation of their social impact

BabyGoRound would also benefit greatly from SVP’s non-financial support through the sharing of its expertise in areas including governance, management and leadership, HR, strategic planning, and impact evaluation. 


SVP Grant Commitment: $60,000 in October 2019

Board Chair and Director of Finance: Sam Drier
SVP Lead Partners: Lauren Minogue, David Ferguson, Greg Sullivan