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AFABC Thanks SVP Partner Bob Armstrong for Strategic Planning Process Leadership

Alumni Investee AFABC say thanks to SVP Partner Bob Armstrong for his skillful facilitation of their strategic planning process in the summer of 2019. Read More »

Theresa Azari: Bonafide foodie and lifelong philanthropist

From finance to governance risk compliance, she's a woman of many talents and a late-night chef to boot! It's time to meet one of our newest SVP Partners. Read More »

Meet hot rod hobbyist Norm Francis—he's been here since the beginning

One of SVP's Founding Partners, Norm Francis, has just been awarded the Fraser Institute Founders’ Award. We caught up with him to talk about the award, the founding of SVP, hot rods, and more. Read More »

Meet John Zaplatynsky, SVP Committee Superstar

We're recruiting Partners to join our Development Committee and we’d like you to meet one of our committee superstars, John Zaplatynsky. He's a retired retailer who splits his free time between business, family, and philanthropy. Read More »

“The more you put into SVP, the more you get out of it.”

David Ferguson and his wife, Kathy Butler, joined SVP in 2003. Since then, David’s engagement has ebbed and flowed based on his life journey, giving him the chance to both dive deeply into partnerships with non-profits, and also to witness SVP’s evolution to the organization it is now. He has a wonderful perspective on the time he’s spent with us, so we asked him to share his story! Read More »

3 things you didn’t know about Marnie Goldenberg

Meet Marnie, SVP board member since December 2018. She brings 20+ years of non-profit experience to the table as an employee, independent consultant, and board member for various organizations. Read More »

Dara's Goodbye

As I wrap up my last week as the Executive Director of SVP, I am incredibly proud of the work we have done together. Read More »

Getting to Know Lauren Minogue

Meet one of SVP’s newest Young Partners, Lauren Minogue, Wealth Manager & Investment Counsellor at CC&L Private Capital (CC&L). Read More »

SVP Partner Moment: Peter Mortifee on Unconscious Bias

Peter and Nancy Mortifee joined SVP in 2017 and generously hosted our first dialogue evening in 2019. They have a long history of involvement with social innovation and wellbeing both in Vancouver and around the world. Read More »

Different is good. What makes SVP unique

Since 2001, SVP Vancouver has catalyzed positive impact in the lives of children and youth at risk through a unique venture philanthropy model that connects entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and professionals from all sectors to organizations doing amazing work in metro Vancouver. Read More »

Getting to Know Andrea Duke

Andrea Duke is one of our new Young Partners; a person under 40 years old who wants to contribute to positive social change through their involvement with SVP Vancouver. Read More »

Getting to know Fares Boulos

Meet one of SVP’s newest Partners, Fares Boulos. Fares became a Partner in February 2018, and in short order, proceeded to join the Opportunities Committee, participate in several non-profit discovery visits, facilitate a brainstorming session, and jump in on several other SVP and Investee projects. Read More »

Getting to know Greg Sullivan

Through his participation in the Opportunities Committee (OC) and various SVP events, Greg enjoys meeting many Partners, Investees, and prospective Investees. He continues to learn more about non-profit organizations and how to provide effective support to help them accomplish their missions. Read More »

Listening: A Shortcut to Understanding

"In the SVP context of providing funding and assistance," says Larry, "some Partners may be hesitant to be represented as "experts" in general or in a particular area; or they may wonder if their experience base readily translates to the needs of a small not-for-profit." Read More »

3 things you didn't know about Alison Brewin

Alison Brewin joined the SVP board in February 2017 and brings a plethora of non-profit expertise to the table. Read More »

Family Philanthropy Holiday Hampers

SVP Partners, Annette Yang and Michael Argast, have been sponsoring families via Christmas Hamper programs for almost 20 years – and we’re excited to collaborate with them to create an opportunity for you and your children to participate. Read More »

35 Partners + 1 Blue Heron enjoy final SVP Summer Social Series event

Earlier this year we asked Partners if they were serious about creating social change; if they had questions about how we can really make a difference in the lives of children and youth at risk. Read More »

The truth about Larry Achtemichuk

Larry Achtemichuk, with a career background in Information Technology, has been an SVP Partner for five years. He's had three Lead Partner gigs and is currently co-Lead Partner of NICCSS (Network of Inner City Community Services Society). Read More »

The truth about Linda Louis

Linda Louis, a once long time ago teacher, has been an SVP Partner for 15 years and is currently the Lead Partner for Writers’ Exchange. Read More »

The truth about Nicole Geyer

Nicole’s been an SVP Partner for nine years and is currently a co-Lead Partner for Red Fox Healthy Living Society. Read More »

The truth about Eric Cormier

Eric Cormier, a Contract CFO for early stage tech companies, has been an SVP Partner for 5 years, and is currently the Lead Partner of Fresh Roots. Read More »

3 things you didn't know about Geoff Howard

Meet board director and chair of the Opportunities Committee (OC), Geoff Howard. Since joining SVP in 2011, Geoff has been a member of the OC, volunteered and assisted Yo Bro Yo Girl Youth Initiative (including arranging for them to get charitable status), Do What U Luv, and Mom2Mom. Read More »

3 things you didn't know about Hamlet Abnousi

Meet Hamlet Abnousi, SVP board member since 2015 and co-chair of the Lead Partner Committee. Hamlet joined SVP in 2011, and since then has participated in an impressive array of roles Read More »

3 things you didn't know about Tom Porteous

Meet SVP Partner and board treasurer, Tom Porteous (full bio). Tom and his wife Jodie have been a part of SVP for 14 years and are big believers in giving back to the community. Read More »

3 things you didn't know about Jeff Peterson

Meet Jeff Peterson, co-chair of the Lead Partner Committee and member of the SVP board of directors since 2014. He joined SVP in 2011, and in 2012 began volunteering as co-Lead Partner for former Investee, Saint James Music Academy. Read More »

3 things you didn't know about Ron Klopfer

Meet Ron Klopfer, member of the SVP board of directors since 2012. His first role was as Treasurer, and he's currently the vice-chair. Ron and his wife Natalie have been SVP members since 2008. Read More »

3 things you didn't know about Caroline Jellinck

Meet Caroline Jellinck, SVP board director since 2015 and chair of the SVP Governance Committee. Read More »

3 things you didn't know about Dan Bowditch

Meet SVP board director Dan Bowditch. Dan has been active in almost all things SVP since he and his wife Ursula became partners in 2009. Read More »

3 things you didn't know about Paul Geyer

Meet Paul Geyer, SVP Vancouver Board Chair since 2014. Paul and his wife Nicole have been SVP Partners since 2008, and are both very engaged at an organizational level and with our Investees. Read More »

3 things you didn't know about Alanna Donahue

Meet SVP board director, Alanna Donahue. Most of you will remember her in her role as Interim Executive Director for SVP from October 2015 to April 2016, but she's been with SVP from the very beginning as a member of the founding board. Read More »

Partner Q + A: getting to know Cathy Brown

SVP Partner since 2002, Cathy Brown seems to have access to more minutes in a day than most people. When she’s not chasing balls on the courts, walking her dog, or working CRM magic at Traction on Demand, Cathy volunteers her time with SVP sitting on the Board, chairing the SVP Opportunities Committee and acting as Lead Partner with one of SVP’s newest Investees, Red Fox Healthy Living Society. Read More »

Partner Q + A: getting to know Scott Shaw

Scott Shaw joined the SVP Partner team in April, 2015. He was the President and CEO of Sutton Group Realty Services for 32 years, and in September of this year, stepped into the Director role. Scott is now able to spend more time in the philanthropic realm where his passion for helping others is truly making an impact in Vancouver’s social sector. Scott has jumped into SVP with both feet, as a volunteer, Co-Funder, and Co-Lead Partner for one of SVP’s newest Investees, Social Diversity for Children (SDC). Read More »

SVP needs U! Your Time = Incredible Impact

SVP relies on the expertise and commitment of its Partners to help Investees strengthen their organizational [...] Read More »

Partner Q + A: getting to know Praveen Varshney

To use an old, but apropos cliché, time flies! When we asked Praveen Varshney – entrepreneur and environmental [...] Read More »

SVP honours three Distinguished Partners: Nick Bedford, Judy Gale, Ken Spencer

During our Spring Mingle, on a beautiful evening at the historic Hycroft Manor, SVP took the opportunity to recognize three Partners for their extraordinary service and contributions to SVP over many years. Nick Bedford, Judy Gale and Ken Spencer were each honoured with the title of Distinguished Partner. Read More »

Partner Q + A: Getting to know Kathy Butler

Kathy Butler, Head of Wholesale Banking British Columbia at CIBC, is a long-standing SVP Partner and business leader. She is known for her great client service and commitment to mentorship for aspiring bankers and budding business people. A nominee for the 2015 YWCA Women of Distinction Award and winner of the Association of Women in Finance Peak Award, Kathy balances business, family and philanthropy with aplomb – and we think she’s pretty amazing. Read More »

Partner Q + A - Getting to know Dan Bowditch

Dan Bowditch, man of the hour, is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet. This former BC Hydro senior manager and current cycling enthusiast received well-deserved recognition this month with UBC’s Engineering Community Service Alumni Award. Read Dan’s Q + A to find out about his favourite SVP memory and some unexpected facts, such as his love for folk music and why ship captains consider Bowditch to be a noun. Read More »

Shafin Diamond Tejani and Victory Square Labs receive prestigious Prime Minister Volunteer Award

SVP Partner Shafin Diamond Tejani and his company Victory Square Labs are recognized by the Prime Minister of Canada as a Business Leader. Read More »

Winter Mingle puts a spotlight on SJMA

More than 60 Partners, volunteers and staff attended the event to socialize and learn about SVP successes and engagement opportunities. Read More »

Have you got what it takes to be an SVP Lead Partner? Yes – you do!

Our Charitable Investees rely on SVP’s resources and connections to help increase their impact in our community. To access our resources, one of our most critical Partner volunteer roles is needed, that of Lead Partner. The Lead Partner acts as the primary liaison between the Investee and SVP to help make the relationship as productive as possible. Read More »

Partner Q & A - Getting to know Marie-Claire Howard

Born in France, Marie-Claire Howard moved to Canada in 1984. Marie-Claire studied Political Sciences at the University of Grenoble and worked in journalism and media relations before becoming a small business administrator. She is a partner at Howard Vera Design, providing residential and commercial design services. Marie-Claire and her husband Geoffrey joined SVP in 2011 and have been active Partners ever since. Read More »

Partner Q & A - Getting to know the Telfers

Paola and Geoff Telfer joined SVP Vancouver in 2013. They have been together for 19 years, happily married for 16 [...] Read More »

Norm Francis named SVP's first Distinguished Partner

On September 25, 2014, David Sutcliffe, Founding Board Chair of SVP Vancouver bestowed Founding Partner, Norm Francis with the title of Distinguished Partner. This special recognition was recently established by the Board of Directors to honour distinguished service to BC Social Venture Partners Foundation. Read More »

The Louis Family: Philanthropy spans to the next generation

Meet the Louises: Owen joins his parents Robin and Linda to continue a ten year legacy of funding and supporting non-profits through SVP. Read More »

Hamlet Abnousi: SVP Partner doing really good things and falling in love with Philanthropy

Hamlet Abnousi has a passion for science and business and has fallen in love with wanting to make a big impact on lives, by doing really cool things. That is not just his personal style, but how he has built his business. Read More »

Shafin Diamond: Working at the Intersection of Business and Community

He describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and sports junkie, and it’s not hard to see why. Shafin started his first business 18 years ago at the age of 19. It has since spiraled into launching 28 start-ups, in 13 different countries, generating over $50 million in revenues. Read More »