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Communities of Practice – taking project execution to the next level

Most people think of philanthropy as good people giving money to good causes – and Social Venture Partners does that. But we go beyond philanthropy. Many of our Partners give something that means more than money: their time and expertise. In 2015 SVP Vancouver put into play a project to amplifies our Partners’ time and expertise: Communities of Practice.

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of people who share an interest, craft (skill) and/or a profession and, in SVP’s case, can provide a pool of expertise to fulfill our Investees’ needs.

We have nine capacity-building areas:

  • Financial Management
  • Technology/Web Applications
  • Governance (including legal)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Communications
  • Human Resources (including volunteer management and succession planning)
  • Fund Development
  • Management and Leadership
  • Impact Evaluation

Learn more about each of these areas.

Do you have expertise in one (or many) of these areas? Are you interested in being involved with our incredible Investees? Then get in touch with Gina . Your time commitment will be flexible and the perks plentiful.