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SVP Vancouver Provides 50 Stockings for KidSafe's Winter Appeal

On December 5, 2019, SVP Partners and staff came together to spread some holiday cheer by putting together 50 stockings for KidSafe's Winter Appeal. Read More »

ONE TO ONE Literacy Society Tells SVP About Their Favourite Books

The Vancouver Writers Festival is in full swing this week over on Granville Island. Getting into the spirit of things, we popped across the hall to ask some of our favourite bookworms at the ONE TO ONE Literacy Society for some recommendations. Read More »

Zero Ceiling Raises $34,000 during their 10K in 10 Days campaign

SVP alumni Investee Zero Ceiling asked for help raising $10,000 before the end of September. Turns out the "Help us raise 10k in 10 Days" rallying cry spurred donations of over $34,000. Read More »

Young Authors at The Writers' Exchange Release New Chapbooks

This summer, the Writers' Exchange published their latest student-made chapbooks. We caught up with Writers' Exchange Co-Founder Jennifer MacLeod to learn more about the creation of these awesome texts. Read More »

Fifty Percent of BC Schools Want the Take a Hike Program in Their Classrooms—Here's Why

As Take a Hike Foundation expands its program to schools on Vancouver Island, we catch up with TAH Counsellor turned Director of Communications Virginia Chomley to chat about the program, its impact, and its future.  Read More »

How Red Fox Makes Community-based Leadership a Priority

Through its youth programs, Red Fox Healthy Living Society helps youth to break through barriers and enter community leadership roles. Read More »

Mealshare Uses the Buy One, Give One Approach to Tackle Youth Hunger

How Mealshare puts a famliar sales strategy to use generating revenue for meal programs across Canada and the Lower Mainland, helping to eliminate youth hunger. Read More »

30 Questions for 30 Years with ONE TO ONE

In celebration of Alumni Investee ONE TO ONE's 30th anniversary, we ask them 30 questions for 30 years! Read More »

Canvas of Change Combines Art and Social Justice

Through the live art competition Canvas for Change, SVP Investee Children of the Street is raising funds for its 2020 Youth Art Engagement Project. Read More »

LunchLAB Beta Test Run Proves a Success

Growing Chefs! and Fresh Roots completed a beta test of their LunchLAB program this spring and show that a local, [...] Read More »

The magic of horses with vulnerable youth

SVP Vancouver welcomed Urban Horse Project (UHP) into its family in May, 2019, after a thorough Opportunities Committee discovery, led by SVP Partner team, Janet Allan and Marcelo Bohm. A strong partnership developed between the two Partners and UHP's Executive Director, Nancy McRitchie, which led to Marcelo and Janet's commitment to become Co-Lead Partners for the organization. Read More »

Dara's Goodbye

As I wrap up my last week as the Executive Director of SVP, I am incredibly proud of the work we have done together. Read More »

Fundraising shared services pilot now permanent

2018 was another successful year for the fundraising shared services pilot — so successful the Board unanimously agreed to make the role permanent! Read More »

SVP wraps up 2018 with three new grants totalling $272,500

On November 28, 2018 the SVP Vancouver Investment Committee approved three new grants for two returning Investees and one brand new one. Read More »

Gordon Matchett spearheads exponential growth for Take a Hike

Take a Hike Foundation (TAH) uses the outdoors and adventure to engage vulnerable youth in grades 10-12 in school, community, and mental health supports. Read More »

On a mission to end youth hunger

Getting to know Mealshare and Co-Founder Andrew Hall. SVP Investee, Mealshare, provides meals through a buy-one, give-one model. Read More »

Multi-year investment brings multiple benefits

Curious about SVP's impact on non-profits? Here's how SVP amplified the amazing work Alumni Investee, ONE TO ONE, does. (Nifty infographic inside!) Read More »

Promising Early Results from Take a Hike

We have some incredible news! The Ministry of Education announced a $150K grant to Take a Hike. This brings TAH that much closer to their goal of opening a fifth classroom in Surrey by September. Read More »

Building Capacity, One Step at a Time

Recently, one of SVP's newest Investees, PEDAL, tapped into the Strategic Planning Community of Practice. PEDAL Lead Partners, Dan Bowditch and Jay Biskupski were the drivers behind the session. Read More »

SVP welcomes back former Investee with $150,000 SVP Scaling Grant

Some of our long-time Partners will recognize our newest Scaling Grant recipient, Take a Hike Foundation (TAH), from when they were an SVP Investee from 2004 to 2007. They've come on board with SVP again with Nicole Geyer as Lead Partner to help take them to the next level. Read More »

Clearing the path for Investees to do more good

Yo Bro Yo Girl is an excellent example of SVP's time + money model in action. SVP Partner resources and Lead Partner Nick's dedication and commitment to Yo Bro have helped catapult the organization into a growth trajectory. Read More »

Introducing SVP's newest Investee, Mealshare

SVP is excited to announce its newest Investee, Mealshare, a non-profit committed to creating a world where it’s easier to share with those in need, and every child and youth is fed as a result. Read More »

Yo Bro | Yo Girl: Transforming at-risk youth into confident leaders

SVP Investee, Yo Bro | Yo Girl Youth Initiative is breaking barriers and making incredible strides in its mission to keep kids safe, in school, and positively connected to their communities. With help from Lead Partner, Nick Bedford, and the diligent work of Yo Bro founder Joe Calendino and his wife, Brenda, this powerful organization has grown fifteen-fold since 2009, and is poised on the edge of more exciting growth in the year ahead. Read More »

New Investee deepens roots with $55,000 SVP grant

Fresh Roots Urban Farm Society – a social enterprise that uses its gardens and programs as the catalysts for healthy eating, ecological stewardship, and community celebration – presented to SVP’s Investment Committee in February. Fresh Roots’ appeal for financial and non-financial support from SVP centred around their Sustainable Opportunities for Youth Leadership Program, with the goal to develop a third location and offer the program to youth with developmental disabilities. Read More »

One of a kind non-profit helps Aboriginal children and youth reach new heights

Red Fox Healthy Living Society’s ladder of support and opportunities for Aboriginal children and youth is one of a kind in Canada. Over the past nine years, Red Fox has cultivated its niche by remaining firmly focused on this community. Demand for their programs is on the rise, and with funding from SVP Vancouver, Red Fox is scaling from their downtown Vancouver origins to additional municipalities in Metro Vancouver. Read More »

SVP approves $105,000 in funding to Power To Be, Zero Ceiling, and new Investee, Red Fox

SVP’s Investment Committee met in October and November to hear presentations by three Investees, each at different [...] Read More »

Meet SVP Investee Social Diversity for Children – a model of innovation

Through their community programs and events, SDC’s young leaders help foster understanding and empathy between youth and children with and without disabilities. By inspiring a younger generation to embrace all people without discrimination, these youth reduce ableism one friendship at a time. Read More »

SVP awards $225,450 to five worthy Investees this summer 

Mom2Mom, KidSafe, Adoptive Families Association of BC, ONE TO ONE Literacy, and our newest Investee, Social Diversity for Children receive SVP funding boost. Read More »

St. James Music Academy graduates from SVP Vancouver

St. James Music Academy is the first Investee to “graduate” from SVP’s revitalized selection process introduced in 2012. During our 3 year engagement, SJMA nearly doubled the number of children served, funds raised, programs offered, and unique donors. Read More »

Stewardship powers success at Power to Be

On May 15, Tim was the guest speaker at SVP’s Investee Forum – an opportunity for Investees to connect, share and learn. The Forum titled, Stories of Success and Non-Profit Best Practices, Tim shared valuable advice, lessons learned, and a good dose of wisdom from 17 years of charity work as the founder of Power to Be, whose mission is to provide people with barriers access to nature and outdoor recreation. Read More »

SVP approves $214,000 in funding to 5 Investees in first half of 2015

On April 16, the Investment Committee approved Yo Bro Youth Initiative ($45,000) and SafeOnline’s third year of funding ($30,000), as well as a new application from Athletics for Kids for a third year ask ($35,000). On May 26, Growing Chefs! was approved for a second year ($56,000) which included funding for a fund development resource, and SVP officially welcomed Writers’ Exchange as its newest Investee with a grant of $48,000 after a year plus of dedicated Partner time working with them to reach this goal. Read More »

A4K scores with third year SVP grant of $35,000

Every child deserves the chance to play sports – to be a part of a team, get exercise, gain confidence and learn the game. SVP Investee, Athletics for Kids (A4K) provides sports grants to children living in low income families. In 2014, they provided 850 sports grants and with SVP’s $35,000 donation and with the support of Lead Partner, Dan Bowditch, A4K is hoping to increase their grants to 1,250 in the coming year. Find out what A4K’s game changing strategy is and how they plan to build a fundraising culture among their team starting with a brand new website and updated communications collateral. Read More »

KidSafe Pancakes Breakfast heralds the launch of "KidSafe Week" in City of Vancouver

KidSafe celebrated the official launch of “KidSafe Week” in the city of Vancouver at their annual Supporter’s Pancake Breakfast in March 2015, joining KidSafe children, staff, volunteers and donors (including many SVP Vancouver partners) over a nutritious and delicious breakfast celebration! Read More »

Mom2Mom Child Poverty Initiative: helping moms and their kids rise up from poverty

Barb Fitzgerald, founder of Mom2Mom, describes how mentoring and support creates a less stressful environment where disadvantaged mothers can make positive life choices. Read More »

Parents get a lesson in online safety for their children

SafeOnline Education Society addresses the relatively new phenomena of widespread Internet access by children and youth, specifically how young people use this technology in unsafe ways. There is a strong emphasis on the importance of parents’ roles in influencing their child’s safe Internet conduct. Read More »

KidLink participant is grateful to try activities she's always dreamed of

KidSafe’s KidLink program supports vulnerable Vancouver youth during a time of great risk: high school transition. These susceptible youth receive one to one support from KidLink’s Program Coordinator who helps them access and succeed in the youth programs and services they need and deserve, but often lack access to due to socioeconomic and emotional barriers. Read More »

AFABC's online adoption program helps parents prepare for unique challenges

Thanks to the AFABC's online Adoption Education Program, Tim and Amber were ready to manage the unique ways that parenting adopted children is different from parenting biological children. Read More »

Mom2Mom mentors are a source of strength for Sindy

Sindy's challenging year exemplifies the important role Mom2Mom mentors can play to support a mother and her children through difficult times. Janet and Stephanie helped guide Sindy through the search for a new place to live and services for her child. Read More »

SJMA pianist becomes first graduate of Senior Program

When Saint James Music Academy enrolled its first students in 2007, twelve-year old Rachel was among them, a young person with no previous musical education but, like every child, filled with potential. Rachel became the first student to ever graduate from SJMA’s Senior Program. Read More »

Yo Bro mentor empowers women to be free from fear

Amanda found her passion in martial arts through Yo Bro’s Empowering Young Women program, eventually becoming a mentor and role model for other girls in the program. Read More »

Growing Chefs! volunteer chef transforms veggie haters to kale crusaders

Growing Chefs! hands-on lessons get kids excited about eating nutritious foods and provides them with the skills, knowledge, and most importantly, desire, to become lifelong healthy eaters. Read More »

Athletics for Kids enables a young athlete to succeed his hockey goals

When Cheryl-Ann Henning requested funding from Athletics for Kids to register her son Ben in hockey for the first time, the organization had no idea how significant the sports grant would be to this family. Read More »

A bookworm is born through ONE TO ONE's literacy program

Through the ONE TO ONE program, Sarah changed from an “I can’t” attitude to confidently describing herself as “I am a good reader”. Her teacher said that without this program, Sarah would have been a very disruptive student, on track to be at-risk. The ONE TO ONE program provided her the confidence to become a successful student, which will translate to all aspects of her schooling. Read More »

Power To Be puts disabilities in perspective

A participant in Power To Be Adventure Therapy’s Adaptive Recreation program for the past decade, Alanna Stockford's self-confidence has grown with each kayak paddle stroke through the waters around North Vancouver. Read More »

Matthew Morin achieves his potential through three SVP Investees

From Take a Hike to Yo Bro to Zero Ceiling, Matthew Morin attributes his transformation to the guidance and direction provided by SVP Investees. Read More »

Take-a-Hike Youth at Risk Foundation – a SVP Vancouver success story

Over our 14 year history, there have been numerous stories of success amongst our many Investees. From 2004 to 2007, SVP was involved with the Take a Hike Youth at Risk Foundation (TAH). I am writing to share the airing of a documentary Clara’s Big Ride on CTV this Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. Clara Hughes is an ambassador and big supporter of TAH and is helping draw attention to mental health issues, which research suggests is incubated in many cases during adolescence. Read More »

Fresh Powder: Zero Ceiling gives youth the opportunity to carve a new path

What would happen if a young person living in poverty was given the opportunity to snowboard, mountain bike, or [...] Read More »

ONE TO ONE expands to 9 new schools and 2 new communities with SVP's support

With the support of SVP Partners and second year funding, ONE TO ONE realizes significant expansion to support children's literacy. Read More »

SVP grants a total of $110,000 to Power To Be, ONE TO ONE, and newest Investee Zero Ceiling

SVP officially welcomes Zero Ceiling into the fold with first year funding approval and grants second year funding to Power To Be and ONE TO ONE. Read More »

SVP approves $165,300 in funding to 4 worthy Investees

First-time SVP grant recipient Adoptive Families Association of BC, new Investee Mom to Mom Poverty Initiative, and veteran Investees Saint James Music Academy and KidSafe Project Society were successfully approved for funding in July, 2014. Read More »

KidSafe: Summer program begins, KidLink ready for 2nd year

KidSafe Project Society's summer program, funded by their annual golf tournament, will keep 310 vulnerable youth learning and having fun during the summer months. KidLink is successfully serving youth during their transition to high school. Read More »

SVP approves $145,000 in funding to 4 deserving Investees

SVP’s Investment Committee met twice in April, approving second year funding for three existing Investees, Athletics for Kids, Safe Online Outreach Society and Yo Bro Youth Initiative, and funding for our newest Investee, Growing Chefs!. Read More »

Joe Calendino honoured with Courage to Come Back Award

The Province Feature: Joe Calendino, recipient of a 2014 Courage to Come Back award, now works with youth to help steer them away from drugs, booze and gangs. Read More »

Yo Bro: A Resilient Solution

Yo Bro Youth Initiative builds resilience in the students and helps them deal with the risks and temptations of drugs and gang involvement, allowing them to achieve their full potential in life. Read More »

Athletics for Kids - The Benefits of Sport

Athletics for Kids is on a mission to give every child in our community the opportunity to participate in sports. Read More »

Saint James Music Academy - Changing lives through music

SJMA now reaches 275 children in five local schools with their academic and outreach programs. Read More »