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Partner Renewal

You are part of SVP Vancouver’s growth and success.

Thank you for your continued support. Since 2001, we’ve been accelerating the growth and effectiveness of non-profits, and have dispersed more than $6M in funds to close to 70 organizations, including $18M in time and expertise.

Your Partner renewal starts here.

Step 1

Decide what level you’d like to renew. Did you know we have several levels you can choose from?

  • Young Partner – $2,500
    Households which are 40 years old or younger have the option of contributing at the Young Partner level
  • Partner – $5,000
    This is SVP Vancouver’s basic contribution level and entitles the household to be SVP Partners
  • Leadership Partner – $10,000
    Leadership Partners have the ability to nominate one additional household for SVP partnership
  • Sustaining Partner – $25,000
    Sustaining Partners have the ability to nominate two additional households for SVP partnership
  • Community Business Partner – $10,000+
    SVP becomes a part of your corporate giving program and a framework for employees to get involved with local charities


Step 2

Choose your method:

You’ll receive a full tax receipt for your contribution. Our team will be in touch as soon as we receive notification of your donation. Thank you!