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Co-Funding & COVID-19 Capacity Response Fund

SVP Co-funding

Thank you for making an additional contribution to our COVID-19 Capacity Response Fund

As our community continues to deal with the ever-changing realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be directing additional funds to support SVP Investees as they work tirelessly to continue to provide services to at-risk children and youth in need.

The communities that our Investees serve are amongst those hardest hit by the pandemic. SVP staff and Partners are committed to standing alongside these communities and our Investees.

Your contributions will help relieve some of the economic repercussions of this pandemic, both for the nonprofits we support and for the families who rely heavily on the services these nonprofits provide.

SVP’s ED Kevin Moorhead and COO Gina Ungaro will be in regular contact with current and alumni Investees over the coming months to assess their needs and direct additional funding and Partner support where it is needed most.



Co-funding allows Partners to provide additional funding alongside money granted by SVP, and takes advantage of SVP’s due diligence and ongoing Partner support.

You’ll receive a full tax receipt for your contribution. Our team will be in touch as soon as we receive notification of your donation. Thank you!